New Balance Toronto – Grand Opening Deals (Don’t Miss Out)


Welcome to New Balance Toronto, located inside First Canadian Place at the PATH Level

Today, April 8 marks the grand opening of the New Balance Toronto store. It is located at the PATH system inside the First Canadian Place, which is at the heart of the financial district (Bay & King).

To celebrate its grand opening day, New Balance Toronto has a special great deal for its first 300 customers. The first 300 customers who spend $160 (before tax) or more on any product will receive a free pair of 574 lifestyle sneakers with a custom Jose Bautista batflip insole.

Better yet, 10% of these proceeds will be donated to the Jose Bautista Family Education Fund. Jose Bautista loves New Balance and has been a long-time supporter for these wonderful brand.

It’s a win-win situation when you get to buy $160 worth of New Balance products of your choice, you also get a free pair of 574 kicks and a limited edition Jose Bautista insole. And better yet, parts of the proceeds goes to charity. You get to show your BIG heart for a good cause.


New Balance 574 Lifestyle Kicks (Photo courtesy from New Balance Canada)

I wouldn’t wait too long if I were you, I highly recommend you to make a MOVE ASAP to ensure you get this special deal today at the New Balance Toronto Store.

And in case you don’t know what the iconic New Balance 574 looks like? Here are some sample pictures of them, courtesy from New Balance Canada.

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New Balance Toronto
Exchange Tower
130 King Street West, Unit C34
Toronto, ON
M5X 1A9
Website: NewBalanceToronto


Super colourful list of New Balance items at it’s new store in Toronto


Lots of New Balance kicks for you to choose from


New Balance Iconic 574 (photo courtesy from New Balance Canada)



2016 #FORDNAIAS Exclusive Media Trip – Day 2 (Itinerary) – MoVernie


For the second consecutive year, I was invited by Ford Canada to attend the 2016 Ford North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Digital Summit. It’s an Exclusive VIP Event organized by Ford Motors, flying in the selected Digital Influencers from around the world to meet together and cover one of the largest North American Auto Shows in the world that is happening from January 11-24, 2016. I was one of the lucky exclusive Canadian Digital Influencers representing Canada.

It’s a 3-day Media Trip Event. First of all, let me start off with a summary of my Ford NAIAS Day-1 Itinerary so that you have a bigger picture of how my media event went.

Day 2 – Ford NAIAS Media Trip

1) Woke up early at around 7:00 am to walk into the atrium to grab breakfast and meet with other Influencers.

2) There was a breakfast buffet stations with goodies such as scrambled eggs, bacon, fruits, yogurt, etc. There was also a omelette station where a chef can cook it on the spot. I luv my eggs dearly so I ordered two sunny-side up eggs (MoVernie Question: How do you like your eggs?).


3) Went back to my hotel room, changed my clothes and grabbed my equipment and hopped onto the coach bus. We were heading to the Cobo Center, where the North American International Auto Show took place.


4) Grabbed our NAIAS wrist band and walked into the auto show. First stop we made was to check out the Ford Blue Oval Headquarter. Man! This place is gigantic, it had 2 floors. FYI – Ford had the biggest floor space at the NAIAS. In the middle of the Ford Blue Oval HQ, there was a big central screens, it displayed the tweets posted by Influencers who used the hashtag #FordNAIAS. That’s just show you how forward thinking and how much Ford believes in Social Media and being thoughtful to know how to communicate with the new generations.



5) At the Ford Blue Oval HQ, there were tons of interactive display and activities for the media and public to do. On both ends of the floor space, you could see a beautiful white Ford Explorer being lifted up high in the air after it picked up some show-goers to let them check out the innovation and technologies Ford had developed over the years.


6) On the other end of the floor space, the award-winning 2015 North American International Truck of the Year, F-150 Truck was lifted up as well with passengers, showcasing the attendees its state-of-the-art automatic system that would help ease you to backup your trailer or unload your boat when you are backing up. In the past, it’s a pain to backing up your truck when you have limited visibility in backing up your truck with tons of equipment behind you. Ford Motors listened to what its customers needs and its engineers developed a system that will make its customers’ lives better and easier.


7) On the second floor, there sits the gorgeous show-stopper 2016 Ford GT Super Car. Last year, this vehicle shocked the automotive world with its debut in the signature blue colour. This year, it’s shown with the white body paint. Trust me, every angle, every colour, this ride looks great!

8) After chilling for a bit at the Ford Blue Oval HQ, we were headed to the Joe Louis Arena to check out the Ford Presentation.

9) Joe Louis Arena is home to the NHL Detroit Red Wings, its an iconic building full of history. All of the brands at the auto show, Ford is the ONLY brand that conducted its presentation at the Joe Louis Arena. Meanwhile, other brands conducted its presentation at their respective show space. Ford really is a BIG player at the Detroit Auto Show & it really takes its product presentation seriously.


10) CEO Mark Fields and Executive Chairman Bill Ford took the stage, they thanked and greeted the media for attending the Ford presentations.


11) The best part of the Ford presentation? Famous Host of the American Idol, Ryan Seacrest was the host for this Ford presentation. Totally didn’t know he would be here, especially he was at the Golden Globes the night before. It’s so cool to see him at the auto show. Apparently, Ryan is a big supporter of Ford products for many many years and Ford has been a proud sponsor of the American Idol show for a long time, so it was a great connection there.


12) Ford showcased its 2017 Ford Raptor.


13) Ford also showcased its 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid.


14) Ford also showcased its development on its “Autonomous” self-driving vehicles. They are the first car company to conduct testing of its autonomous vehicles under snow and ice conditions.

15) To make its consumer’s lives better by understanding what its customers needs. Ford introduced a concept called “Ford Pass”.  What is “FordPass”? FordPass is part of Ford Smart Mobility – which is a strategy that combines connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience, data and analytics to better serve its customers.


16) After the Ford Presentation, we walked by to the Ford Blue Oval HQ, Ryan Seacrest was busy doing a Q&A session with university students about life and career choices.



17) Grabbed some lunch and beverages at the Ford Blue Oval HQ.


18) Decided to walk around the rest of the auto show to see what other car brands have to offer and also attended some of their presentations, unveiling some of its products to the world for the first time.

19) Mark Fields, CEO of Ford held a session with the students, answering their questions. Mark also shared his insights, his own experiences and his own career paths and shared with the students. The session was inspiring and really provided some motivational messages to encourage the students to find their own paths and goals and continue to work hard to fulfill their respective dreams.


20) Returned back to the Ford Blue Oval HQ. Davindra Ramnarine (@1goatroti), another FordNAIAS Digital Influencer and I interviewed President and CEO of Ford Canada, Dianne Craig at the Executive Ford Lounge.


(Photo: Craig Silva)

20) After the interview, Ford unveiled its first Ford Fusion Nascar.


21) We attended the Ford NAIAS Party in the evening, located right at the Ford Blue Oval HQ. Drinks and food were served. Live music pumping!

21) At the Ford NAIAS Party, Ford & Lego announced their partnerships in producing two lego play sets. One featuring the iconic Ford Mustang. The other play set consists of the historic Ford Model T and the 2017 Ford Raptor.


20) Hopped back on the coach bus and headed back to the Westin Hotel.

21) Mingled with other Ford NAIAS Influencers at the lounge area.

22) Went back to my hotel room and did some social media work.

23) Went for a nice sleep, all tugged in the comfy bed sheets and bed.


End of Day 2 of my MoVernie Ford NAIAS Media Trip.

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For NAIAS business hours or admission prices, click the site here.


Kia Gear Up Event in Barcelona, Spain – Day 5 (MoVernie FC Barcelona & Beach Tour)

The Kia Gear Up event is a 4 days, 3 nights trip to Barcelona, Spain, that consists lots of fun and adventurous activities for the global ambassadors to experience. On my Day 1 MoVernie BLOG, I have shared to you my first day tour around the city of Barcelona. On Day 2 of my MoVernie BLOG, we got to wear our personalized Kia Gear Up racing uniform & helmet. Day 3 is another special day, driving a Kia vehicle at different check points around the busy streets of Barcelona. It felt like “The Amazing Race” in Kia Edition. On Day 4, when the Kia GearUp Event was completed, I stayed for 2 more days to sightsee and toured around Barcelona a little bit more. And on Day 5, I decided to check out the famous football stadium called Camp Nou, home of the popular FC Barcelona team. Every day is special and different. Just like Kia’s slogan, “The Power to Surprise!”

Let me tell you a funny real story. A Twitter Follower knew I was flying to Barcelona for the Kia Gear Up Event. So he told me that I should visit Camp Nou. Quite honestly, I don’t know much about football in Europe, I only know a little bit about football during World Cup but they are represented by countries such as Team England, Team Spain, etc. I wouldn’t know the specific ball clubs. So, I asked my follower, “Why would I want to visit a camp site?”. He was laughing so hard on Twitter and replied “It’s not a camp site, it’s the home of the FC Barcelona, peeps go crazy about this team. It’s only called “Camp Nou”. It was a memorable tweet conversation indeed. And off I went on my last day of this Barcelona trip to Camp Nou and trust me, this Camp Nou experience didn’t disappoint.

Check out the photos below to see what I did during Day 5 of this Kia Gear Up Journey.

By sharing the photos and captions, I hope everyone can get a sense of what’s it like at the Kia Gear Up event and feel as if you are participating the fun activities with me 🙂

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Hotel Curious Massage

At the Hotel Curious, the hotel that I stayed, they also provide massages. I got one and it’s $50 Euro for an hour of service, which I think it’s a great deal.

Liceu Metro Subway Station

After the massage, I took the Metro to go to Camp Nou, home of the football club FC Barcelona. This station is called “Liceu”. It’s quite beautiful.

Camp Nou FC Barcelona

Me posing in front of the Camp Nou building, home of the storied franchise, “FC Barcelona”

Camp Nou

Close up of the Camp Nou building


Trophies and Championships

FC Barcelona has been around for a long time. Full of history and the team won so many trophies through it’s many glorious years.

FC Barcelona

The view of the football field from inside.

FC Barcelona

Me posing inside one of the Executive rooms inside the FC Barcelona building

Camp Nou Experience

Me posing on the football field level inside the FC Barcelona Football Stadium

FC Barcelona Team Store

FC Barcelona Team Store

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Meeting new friends in Barcelona

Meeting up some new friends that I met via a mutual buddy. Meet Jeff & Anna. Both awesome people and made me felt very welcome in Barcelona.

Salmon lunch

I ordered a very nice, tender and fresh salmon.

Stiges beaches

My new friends Jeff and Anna suggested me to take a 20 minute train ride to go to this beautiful area called “Sitges” because it has nice beaches. So I did and purchased a ticket to explore!

Train Station in Barcelona

Waiting for the train to arrive.

Sitges beaches

My friends were right! Only 20 minutes of train ride away, I felt like I was in a different city. Sitges was gorgeous and it’s slower pace, as compared to the busy downtown Barcelona. Look how beautiful the historic buildings were in Sitges.

Sitges beaches in Barcelona, Spain

This place was super beautiful!

Artwork and exhibits

Artistic work were evident around Sitges.


What a relaxing area! I was glad that I made the trip to Sitges. I thank my new friends for the kind recommendations.

La Rambla

In the evening, after I walked out of my Hotel Curious, walked a block to La Rambla. I saw lots of police officers and barricades. I wasn’t sure what’s going on, so I went and explore. It was a large crowd of happy FC Barcelona fans celebrating their beloved team for winning the division title.

FC Barcelona Celebration

Can you imagine this? I visited the Camp Nou football stadium in the morning and now celebrating with the fans. What an experience!

Championship for the FC Barcelona

Happy awesome fans of the FC Barcelona!

Barcelona Airport

Rise n shine! After partying on the street of La Rambla, it’s time to say good bye and head back to Toronto, Canada!


Taking off. Bye bye Barcelona! I will miss you but I will definitely come back! It’s my favourite city that I had visited so far.

Thank you Kia Motors and Kia Canada.

Special thank you to Kia Motors and Kia Canada for having me attending this EPIC Lifetime Trip to Barcelona, Spain. I am proud representing Kia Canada as it’s Brand Ambassador for this Kia Gear Up Event.



Kia Gear Up Event in Barcelona, Spain – Day 4 (MoVernie Sightseeing)

The Kia Gear Up event is a 4 days, 3 nights trip to Barcelona, Spain, that consists lots of fun and adventurous activities for the global ambassadors to experience. On my Day 1 MoVernie BLOG, I have shared to you my first day tour around the city of Barcelona. On Day 2 of my MoVernie BLOG, we got to wear our personalized Kia Gear Up racing uniform & helmet. Day 3 is another special day. Every day is special and different. Just like Kia’s slogan, “The Power to Surprise!”

On Day 4, all the other Kia Global Ambassadors returned back to their respective countries. As for myself, since it was Victoria Long Weekend in Canada, I requested to Kia Canada that I would like to stay for 2 more nights so that I can sight see more about this city and get to experience a little bit more. And I thank Kia Canada for being so accommodating.

On Day 4, my Kia buddy drove me to the next hotel, which was called “Hotel Curious“. I made the booking and stayed there. It’s a boutique hotel that was located close to the famous La Rambla. Check out the photos below to see what I did during Day 4 of this Kia Gear Up Journey.

By sharing the photos and captions, I hope everyone can get a sense of what’s it like at the Kia Gear Up event and feel as if you are participating the fun activities with me 🙂

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Welcome to Hotel Curious, located 50 metres from the famous “La Rambla”.


Hotel Curious upgraded my room from single bed to double bed, to the top floors and having my own balcony. Thank you Hotel Curious.


Beautiful La Rambla


Meeting up my friend who is from Toronto, but is in Barcelona teaching English. It was so nice to see her.


Spanish loves tapas and I understand why. Tapa are small dish to share with your family and friends. It’s great because you get to try different stuff.


I decided to check out the Real Madrid Official Store


C. Ronaldo and other players jersey on display inside the Real Madrid Official Store.


More Real Madrid gift items


Apparently, Barcelona has its AutoShow happening, talking about great timing, so I had decided to check it out. Especially the Kia Motors display, I want to check out some of its vehicles.


Kia Soul EV on display


Kia Soul regular engine


Kia Cee’d


Kia Sorento. It’s extra cool to see the Kia vehicles again after we drove them around during the Kia Gear Up Event.


Kia Cee’d looked so good!


Doing a selfie with the Kia vehicles


The Barcelona AutoShow was held at a historic place, so you could see some historic artitecture around the venue


Went inside the exhibit and I saw Kia Motors Display. This Concept Car called “Sports Space” was on display


The hot red on this Sports Space was amazing!


Kia Sorento. I love this design.


Soul EV


The sporty Procee’d GT, which is not sold in North America.


Love the aggressive headlights on the Procee’d and its unique 4 mini fog lights


This building looked interesting. The taxi driver told me this was once a bull fighting building until it has changed into a shopping mall once the bull fighting sport was banned a few years ago.


After the Barcelona Auto Show, I decided to go near the beach area to meet up my friends.


People playing recreational soccer.


As I walked around to check out the beach area


More actions from the soccer game


Our friends were just chillin after the game


I always go to the SOCO at Delta Toronto but out of the blue, we randomly chose a restaurant and it was called “SOCO Restaurant”. What are the chances?


I have been craving for nice and simple spaghetti and I got my wish


My friends told me that this dish of cheese and potato wedges are fan favourite here with the locals.


New Balance Sneak Preview 2015


New Balance Canada was giving the media a sneak preview of what’s coming for its brand in 2015 at Madonna’s very own Hard Candy Fitness Toronto. There were different types of shoes categories for die-hard runners, semi runners, normal runners or wannabe runners such as myself who just want to wear stylish kicks on the red carpet (LOL).

Other than kicks, there were apparels for men and women. New Balance staff introduced us the latest kicks design, materials and the technology that were being applied in various types of shoes. All these improved elements provided the right balance for their customers who are looking for a balance of style, comfort, foot protection and usability.


What I love New Balance most are the choices of funky colours which you know by now that MoVernie is really out there, who ain’t afraid to wear something that stands out. There are so many choices and so many nice kicks that it will be tough for me to narrow to just one. Tough choices! Be sure to check out the New Balance Canada website here to purchase the apparel and kicks that fits your needs and lifestyle!


Thank you to New Balance Canada & Strut Entertainment for having me at the #NBPreview2015!

Follow me on Instagram (@RealMoVernie) and Twitter (@MoVernie) for more awesome pictures and videos on my adventurous journey!


Check out more photos that I snapped at the New Balance Sneak Preview 2015 below!











motionball 2015 – Glitz & Graffiti Gala


motionball 2015 Glitz & Graffiti Gala happened last evening at the Liberty Grand. This marks its 14th annual charity event with the aim to raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation (SOCF). For those who have never been to the Liberty Grand, let me tell you, this venue is HUGE! And it’s also classy, elegant and grand. It has numerous number of large ball rooms with high ceilings and with some rooms even with the second level, overlooking the beautiful ground floor.

Walking into the Liberty Grand last night was like an adventure. And you know how much I like to explore, room after room, there was a different theme, different vibe as DJs played different type of music in each room. Just as I thought I had conquered checking out all the areas, I was dead wrong. There were more rooms at the end of the grand hall, with a long displays of memorabilia for people to bid for silent auction. Later in the night, an additional dance room was opened. No matter how many big rooms they had opened, each room were jam packed with people. That’s because there were at least over 2500 people in attendance in supporting the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. That my friend, it’s a rarity, 2500+ people jamming in the rooms having an entertaining night.


It was a great way to spend the evening with great food, open bar, live music and entertainment, mix and mingle with cool people. Keeping yourself warm from the cold winter outside. I have covered numerous big events and I know it’s only February 2015, but I can tell you, motionball is by far one of the best events of the year! It’s very well-organized, food was high quality (and you know how much I love to eat and know what is good shit!), the layout of the entire event was unbelievable.

If you are interested to find out more about motionball and who they are, their mission and more about the various activities/gala they provide, click here.

I recommend you to purchase tickets and come to the Motion Ball 2016! See you next year!

Meanwhile, check out the awesome pictures that I had snapped from last night’s motionball 2015.

IMG_7758 IMG_7764

IMG_7780 IMG_7789

IMG_7781 IMG_7783 IMG_7785IMG_7855 IMG_7854IMG_7857 IMG_7856IMG_7821 IMG_7822IMG_7852 IMG_7811IMG_7828

MoVernie #FORDNAIAS Exclusive Media Trip – Day 1 (Itinerary)

I was invited by Ford Canada to attend the 2015 Ford North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Digital Summit. It’s an Exclusive VIP Event where the Digital Influencers from around the world get to meet together and cover one of the largest North American Auto Shows in Detroit. I was among the lucky 21 Canadian Digital Influencers representing Canada, while the rest came from United States and around the world internationally.

It’s a 3-day Media Trip Event. First of all, let me start off with a summary of my Ford NAIAS Day-1 Itinerary so that you have a bigger picture of how my media event went.

Day 1 – Ford NAIAS Media Trip

1) Had lunch before heading to the Toronto Pearson Airport


2) Tweeting, Instagramming & Facebooking to my fellow #FordNAIAS Facebook Group before boarding

3) Bumped into one of my fellow Canadian Digital Influencers, Natalie Bell, who happened to be waiting for the same flight heading to Detroit. We took a selfie before boarding.


4) First time boarding on a propeller plane with a total of 18 passengers. Well, there is always a first time and making the best out of my travel experience 🙂



5) Landed at Detroit International Airport. A luxury full-size SUV called Ford Expedition was waiting for me (arranged by Ford) and picked me up and dropped me right at the door step of the Westin Hotel (where I stayed for the entire media trip)


6) Greeted by the friendly Ford Crew who were there to assist with our hotel accommodation, the entire media trip itinerary and other information.

7) Picked up my official Ford NAIAS name tag as well as the 2015 NAIAS Auto Show Credential.


8) Went into my hotel room and unpacked.

9) Went downstairs to grab a buffet brunch (arranged by Ford)

10) Mingled with other FordNAIAS Digital Influencers


11) Attended the Ford NAIAS Event held at the historical Piquette Plant, it was where Henry Ford built his Model T car there.




12) Cocktails, meet & mingle event took place on the 2nd floor. Q & A with the manager of the Ford Archive, Dean Weber was on hand to talk about the history of the Piquette Plant and the vision by Mr. Henry Ford.




13) Dinner being served on the 3rd floor, also home of the secret room and many classic, preserved Ford vehicles on display.

IMG_4160 IMG_4155

IMG_4184 IMG_6386

14) More Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking at the hotel.

15) Sleeping time.


End of Day 1 of my MoVernie Ford NAIAS Media Trip.

Got no time to visit NAIAS? No worries, MoVernie got you covered! Check out the pictures of the Ford Shelby GT350R below. Follow me on Instagram (@RealMoVernie) for more awesome pictures and videos!

Smashfest 2014 – Ping-Pong Tournament With NHL Players & Celebrities (Charity Event)

Yesterday evening, me and my crew attended and covered one of the hottest events of the summer called Smashfest. This was the third year Smashfest had been running and it will continue to get bigger and better every year. Smashfest is an exclusive party that brings together NHL stars and other celebrities for a ping-pong themed night in downtown Toronto, being held at Steam Whistle Brewery’s historic Roundhouse.

Guests who paid for the tickets got to mix and mingle with a number of past and present NHL players. Foods, wine and SteamWhistle beer were provided throughout the night. Some selected lucky guests also got to play in a ping-pong tournament with the NHL players, playing to win the Smashfest Trophy. Defending champion, Minnesota Wild Stephane Veilleux defended his title again against Vancouver Canucks Alex Burrows. Smashfest was hosted and organized by New York Rangers, Dominic Moore who wanted to raise awarenss and funding to support two very important causes: concussion, as well as rare cancer research.

For more information about Smashfest and how you can purchase tickets for next year, click here!

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Below are photos that my crew had taken during yetersday’s Smashfest event:

Photo Credit: Jensen Adam Lee

10313498_10101989693775010_7329398399501609547_n 10403209_10101989692347870_3969155151916684711_n 10448826_10101989691788990_4909588535341548489_n 10492503_10101989695945660_3729107373479162783_n 10492616_10101989691978610_7740135554510774738_n 10492616_10101989693690180_1994544521888347059_n 10509610_10101989694219120_2779360636726641967_n 10516754_10101989694214130_6964625608285722958_n 10534086_10101989694638280_2613569934642024680_n 10553503_10101989695920710_5519518599660573677_n 10561715_10101989692562440_3562075568327135355_n 10565113_10101989693695170_511685775751572927_n 10565205_10101989695416720_3268630430937302847_n 10568842_10101989693964630_423636976850080277_n 10583877_10101989691968630_4536105930183893236_n Untitled

Want a Chance to Win a Messenger Bag? – Show your PRIDE!


As you know, MoVernie is always on the look out for hot spots to party. Great restaurants to eat! Great events to cover! But MoVernie is also constantly collaborate with great sponsors to create MoVernie Contests to giveaway great prizes and free stuff to his audience and followers!

Toronto World Pride Week 2014 is coming from June 20-29! MoVernie and PinkStix has decided to collaborate together to run a MoVernie Contest to giveaway 3 colourful messenger bags to 3 lucky winners!

PinkStix is an online fashion store that provides great accessories fashions for females from messenger bags, handbags, clutches, scraves, jewellery and much much more! PINKSTIX’s Mission Statement is to provide quality fashion items at accessible price-points, so any girl can be fabulous in any situation!

There are 3 ways you can have a chance to win a colourful messenger bag from PinkStix.


MoVernie Contest – Method 1: Enter contest via Facebook Group Page

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Step 3: On the MoVernie Group Page, there will be a photo showing the colourful PinkStix, limited edition Pride Messenger Bag, “LIKE” that photo & using the comment section, tell us which colour you will choose if you are the winner of this messenger bag!


MoVernie Contest – Method 2: Enter contest via Twitter

Step 1: “Follow” @Pinksterella on Twitter.

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Step 3: Tweet to us & tell us what activity/event you look forward to check out at the Toronto World Pride 2014 (please include hashtag #MoVerniePrideContest)

For example, a tweet could be “I look forward to seeing Tegan & Sara perform at the World Pride Closing Ceremony #MoVerniePrideContest”


MoVernie Contest – Method 3: Enter contest via Instagram

Step 1: “Follow” @pinksterella on Instagram.

Step 2: “Follow” @RealMoVernie on Instagram.

Step 3: Tag a picture of your favourite Pride Week activity or related items and tag #MoVerniePrideContest


All 3 winners will be announced on Friday, June 27, 2014 @ 6pm (EST). So, follow us for updates and the winners announcement. Good Luck!