New Balance Toronto – Grand Opening Deals (Don’t Miss Out)


Welcome to New Balance Toronto, located inside First Canadian Place at the PATH Level

Today, April 8 marks the grand opening of the New Balance Toronto store. It is located at the PATH system inside the First Canadian Place, which is at the heart of the financial district (Bay & King).

To celebrate its grand opening day, New Balance Toronto has a special great deal for its first 300 customers. The first 300 customers who spend $160 (before tax) or more on any product will receive a free pair of 574 lifestyle sneakers with a custom Jose Bautista batflip insole.

Better yet, 10% of these proceeds will be donated to the Jose Bautista Family Education Fund. Jose Bautista loves New Balance and has been a long-time supporter for these wonderful brand.

It’s a win-win situation when you get to buy $160 worth of New Balance products of your choice, you also get a free pair of 574 kicks and a limited edition Jose Bautista insole. And better yet, parts of the proceeds goes to charity. You get to show your BIG heart for a good cause.


New Balance 574 Lifestyle Kicks (Photo courtesy from New Balance Canada)

I wouldn’t wait too long if I were you, I highly recommend you to make a MOVE ASAP to ensure you get this special deal today at the New Balance Toronto Store.

And in case you don’t know what the iconic New Balance 574 looks like? Here are some sample pictures of them, courtesy from New Balance Canada.

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New Balance Toronto
Exchange Tower
130 King Street West, Unit C34
Toronto, ON
M5X 1A9
Website: NewBalanceToronto


Super colourful list of New Balance items at it’s new store in Toronto


Lots of New Balance kicks for you to choose from


New Balance Iconic 574 (photo courtesy from New Balance Canada)


Jian Ghomeshi – Not Guilty


A judge has found former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi not guilty of sex assault and choking charges.

There was a large crowd of people waiting outside the Old City Hall in Toronto right after the verdict has been announced. The crowd included the public, the media and a large group of protesters who chanted “We believe survivors!”.


The Crown then came out and proceeded to the podium and addressed to the media about the Jian Ghomeshi case.


And Jian Ghomeshi, along with his lawyer, came out from the back door of the Old City Hall and walked into the Lincoln Town Car without speaking to anyone.

MoVernie & his crew were there providing you with photos and videos on this Jian Ghomeshi case.


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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey


Happy Monday! Today is February 8, 2016, which is Chinese New Year! This is the year of the Monkey.

In the new year of the Monkey, MoVernie and his crew would like to wish everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year a very prosperous, healthy and joyful year ahead! Best wishes to all and hope your wishes come true!






Salt Cave at Windsor Arms Hotel – MoVernie VIP Experience

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

A few weeks back, I was invited by the Windsor Arms Hotel to check out its new Sunday Brunch Buffet. That was phenomenal. Then, a few weeks later, Windsor Arms Hotel reached out to me and asked me if I would like to try its latest new spa treatment called the “Salt Cave”. When I first heard it, I was curious. That’s because that was the first time I heard of Salt Cave session but what is it? Thus, I wanted to give it a try. You know me, I am always down for a new unique experience.

As I was told by the spa staff at Windsor Arms, she told me that the proper name for this particular session is called “Halotherapy“. “Halos” is the Greek word for Salt, and Halotherapy is an ancient sal therapy that has been used for centuries.

The timing was perfect as I am heading to Kissimmee, Orlando next week on a media trip that covers the World Food Championships, so I wanted to pamper myself on a Sunday Funday, to refresh and relax and be ready for my media trip.

Once I returned from my Kissimmee media trip, I will have a more detail report on my entire Exclusive VIP experience at Windsor Arms. For now, let me show you some photos of what the Salt Cave looked like.

Stay tuned!

Check out the Windsor Arms Halotherapy here.

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Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

Salt Cave at Windsor Arms

#LiveLegendary – Heineken Party in Toronto

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

This past Thursday, I was invited to attend this special Exclusive VIP Party, hosted by Heineken Canada. It has a theme and the hashtag was #LiveLegendary. The invite indicated that Heineken wants us to open our world, be legendary and celebrate some of the most unique views of Toronto.

Quite honestly, I have always been a fan of Heineken beer. I love the package, the branding and most importantly, the taste. A few years back, I was in Amsterdam, Netherlands and took a tour of the Heineken Experience. It was an interactive tour through the beer giant’s history in a former brewery, with a tasting room finale as part of the experience. I had been to many brewery tours and by far, Heineken Experience was my favourite. It’s fun, interactive and have the most advanced technology that makes you remember the history and the evolution of the Heineken beer. I recalled making my own 15 seconds of music video in that building (no joke).

So….I was super excited to attend this Heineken “Legendary” invite-only party and I hope it can recapture some of my great memories back in Amsterdam. As I was reading the invite, the location was 130 Adelaide Street West. To be honest, I have attended so many events and parties but I have not been to an event that is being held at 130 Adelaide Street West. As I goggled it more, it turns out to be a modern, relatively new financial building. I was impressed because I was thinking “How did they convince the building management to let them turn the building into a party scene?”.  But more importantly, I was impressed the event planner chose this venue because it’s new and it’s fresh.

MoKenny, my manager was my plus one. Before we headed to the building, I was wondering how would we know where the entrance was? Look no further, as our cab gradually approached the building, you could clearly see the green lights flashing outside the entire building. There was no way anyone would miss the spot. Most week nights, the financial district is usually quite quiet but as the crowd slowly assembled into a long line, the area was popping! You could see pedestrian stopped by & asked the crowd what’s happening inside, they just curious and want to know (to the marketing team, great job in getting people’s attention). There were two long lines, one for general admission (apparently, some lucky peeps got to buy tickets) and there was a VIP line, which of course, you all know how much MoVernie loves Exclusive VIP treatment. Although, we were Exclusive VIP, there was quite a bit of an unusal wait outside. Not sure why, perhaps it took a bit of time to get everyone warmed up with the entry process. Nevertheless, the weather wasn’t cold and my anticipation to get inside overcame the relatively longer wait. So, I was cool with that.

Finally, it was our turn, the moment I told the staff my name, she recognized my name and said “Of course I recognized that name”. It was quite special and I appreciated that gesture.  She gave us the Heineken wrist band and a few drinking tickets. Security inspected us and off we entered into the building.  I worked in the financial district myself so I have a good picture what a typical financial building looks like. But to my surprise! The organizer did an extreme great job in transforming the entire space into quite a Legendary Heineken Experience. I couldn’t recognize one bit of the original business layout.

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

The moment we walked into the building, we could hear fast beats of music sound. The lovely Heineken ladies informed us that the famous Swedish DJ Eric Prydz will be spinning music later in the evening. We thought that was cool. Then, as we walked around, we spotted a big square bar counter, you could basically ordered Heineken beer from every angle of the square bar area. If you want a fresh pint of beer, the nice hostess could pour the pint for you in a tall glass. However, that will take longer time. If you don’t want to wait, there were Heineken bottles that you could redeem with your drinking tickets. I think drinking tickets were provided and not open bar, mainly because the organizer didn’t want peeps to drink too much and hope they would drink responsibly. But more importantly, there were general admission peeps which I don’t think the tickets include unlimited beer, therefore, if peeps want to drink more, they can purchase beer at $4 a bottle. $4 a bottle of Heineken, which you and I both know it’s very reasonable priced. Most clubs will charge you double the price at around $8-9, especially its foreign beer.

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

As we explored the area and scouted around, there was a coat-check area. There was a security central area. And if we want to go to the washroom, we had to take the elevator. The friendly security guard will open the elevator door for you, at times, they would even escort you up to the floor building to access the washroom. We are talking about premium service. How often do you get to go to the washroom with security escorts and taking an elevator? I thought it was cool.

As we entered the central area, there were a number of beautiful ladies wearing green tight dress, welcoming the crowd. The space was quite a good size with an elevated DJ stage and a big TV screen behind it. It’s just like a big indoor EDM platform. This was where the popular Swedish DJ Eric Prydz pumped up the crowd with his beats and tunes! As we walked further into the area, there was a black wooded wall, displaying the hashtag #LiveLegendary and also displaying some of the amazing views Toronto has to offer.

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

We also saw an elevated VIP area for VIP goers and also another bar counter for peeps to order more Heineken beer. This party won’t be the same without food. Not to worry, the organizer provided a number of food stations at the back to fill your tummies. Food items from around the world, including pork skewers, beef sliders, hot dogs, fish n chips, asian rice paper veggie rolls and much more.

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

In addition to my love of this venue, I was also very impressed with the crowd. Since I have attended so many events and parties, most of the time, I would see the same group of peeps again and again. The only difference would be different events in different venues. Sometimes, it would be quite boring meeting the same crowd over and over again. Not this time, there was a good representation of different demographics. You could see young professionals, EDM music goers, beer lovers and only a handful of media people. I love that. I think the organizer did a great job with their guest lists to invite a number of crowds to integrate them to generate an amazing Heineken Experience. Most importantly, you could tell that this crowd were well-behaved, stayed classy and not looking to cause troubles, which I greatly appreciated!

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

As DJ Eric Prydz continued to pump out sick beats, you could see the crowd were excited and were having a great time, dancing the night away and jumping up & down with the sick visual light effects. I bumped into a few good peeps, including Joallore (@ClickFlickca). Make sure you followed this guy. He is a friendly and interactive guy on Twitter and he will chat with you no matter what. ClickFlickca told us that retired TFC player, Dwayne De Rosario (DeRo) and Olympian Donovan Bailey were here near the food station. When I heard the name, Donovan Bailey, yes, I still remembered his historic race from 0-100 in 9.84 seconds (yes, for some reason I just remembered that magic number). And of course, I met DeRo a few times in previous events that I looked forward to chat with them again.

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

As MoKenny & I walked over, we introduced ourselves to Donovan and chatted with DeRo as well. Donovan was so genuine and down-to-earth. We chatted and talked about his winning race at SkyDome against American Michael Johnson. Donovan still got game with his radiant signature smile. We asked to take a photo with him and without hesitation, he accepted. He even asked DeRo to be in the picture with us.

The evening ended on a good note and I thanked ClickFlick for being such a good sport to inform us that the Sporting Greats were in the building. This evening was definitely LEGENDARY. It brought back lots of good memories of my visit to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. The evening made me felt like I was in Europe. I love the venue, love how well-organized the entire party was run. The crowd size was perfect, not over crowde, unlike many other events hosted by other organizers. This was kept in a reasonable size and keeping it Exclusive VIP.

I look forward to the next Heineken Experience, whether it’s in Toronto or elsewhere, they sure know how to throw a #Legendary party! I received tons of text messages, tweets and instagram messages later in the wee hours from my friends and followers on how envy they were that I had attended this special event! Thank you to the organizer for the kind hospitality and invited me and MoKenny to this event.

It really “Open Our Minds”!

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And MoVernie is outta here!

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#LiveLegendary; #Legendary; #HeinekenCanada; Heineken

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience

#LiveLegendary Heineken

#LiveLegendary Heineken Experience #LiveLegendary Heineken Experience


Toronto Fashion Week- Behind the Scenes

Redken. Maybelline. Super hot models. Backstage access.

I went to the Toronto Fashion Week last night at the Metro Hall with and had the most amazing, fashion experience. Rather than watching one of the fashion shows (in which I missed, sadly. But got something better out of it!), I went behind-the-scenes where it was bustling with hairstylists and make-up artists and got to experience first hand how fashion show’s really work!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Among the hundreds of artists backstage, Jorge Joao was there himself- Redken’s lead hairstylist and lead stylist for Toronto’s Fashion Week! Jorge was packed with humour and fun, but incredibly welcoming and gracious. On top of that, he worked with incredible precision, quality and speed. The man lives up to his amazing reputation!


We also met Maybelline New YorkCanada’s lead make-up artist, Grace Lee! Although she was incredibly busy, she let us ask her questions and allowed for pictures! We are incredibly grateful for her time and experience as she discussed about make-up styles, products (baby lips anyone?), the Toronto Fashion Week experience and much more!


After hanging out backstage, we went to the front- media center to explore some of the sponsors and their products. We visited sponsor booths ranging from Pandora, to Ritz-Carlton, to TargetCanada!

P1070346 P1070382

Until next time!

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by Marcena Lau


Raptors Rudy Gay Bike Ride – #RideWithRG

It’s been a big weekend for Rudy Gay, who was named as an ambassador for the Kids, Cops & Computers program on Friday as he donated 22 laptops for the well-deserved selected group of kids. Then on Saturday, Rudy followed it up with a fun event for his fans on a perfect Saturday in Toronto. Rudy would most possibly be one of the first Toronto athletes to host a bike ride that interacts with fans by riding the bike together along the path of Lake Shore & Ontario Place.


Gay invited his followers on social media a few days ago for a bike ride along Toronto’s Waterfront and brought special guests such as DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, Aaron Gray, Quincy Acy, Dwight Buycks and Chris Wright, who all came out and support Rudy. Hundreds of Raptorsfans came out to enjoy this special rare opportunities. Being able to ride a bike and interact with Raptors players don’t come often all the time.

Here are some of the photos captured by me and you can get a glimpse of how fun this bike event was organized by Rudy Gay. “Follow” me on twitter @MoVernie or “Follow” me on “MoVernie on the BLOG”.


Raptors Chris Wright, Quincy Acy & Amir Johnson


Raptors Dwight Buycks & Aaron Gray sharing a laugh


Raptors truck delivered the bikes and helmets for the Raptors players, donated by the Canadian Tire


The bikes are all setup and ready for the Raptors players

Interview with UFC Fighter, Eddie Wineland (1-on-1) – Q & A

MoVernie and his crew attended the UFC 165 Media Day where he got to interview one of the UFC fighters, Eddie Wineland on a 1-on-1 interview. Alex will be the “underdog” fighting against the defending champion, Renan Barao in their class.

Welcome to MoVernie on the BLOG Q & A session! In this session, the Q & A is in conversation format. This will allow the viewer to get to know the interviewee in a different setting.

Let’s get the ball rolling!


MoVernie: “So…how was your training camp? How did you feel about your training camp?”

Wineland: “Training camp has been awesome! You know, we had 2 training camps fight, it’s been absolutely great, I am in a great shape. I don’t want to do the cliche that “I am in the best shape of my life”, but I am indeed in the best shape of my life. ”

MoVernie: “Congratulations! That’s nice to hear.”

Wineland: “Thanks! You got to be because you are going for 5 rounds against the world champ, you got to be in your best shape.”

MoVernie: “What was the main thing that you were working on that help you during your training?”

Wineland: “Ahh..just trying to get my timing down on my kicks, we know he throws (Barao) a lot of kicks and so I am working on my spinning, so I am trying to get my timing down.”

MoVernie: “Now, you are going to have this fight, how are you going to prepare this fight?”

Wineland: “Ah..we prepare this fight like we do for any other fights. Alot of hard work and alot of grinding and alot of hard pushing and make sure we are in the best shape possible.”

MoVernie: “And you said about the “underdog” mentality, how important to you to prove that and remove that label away?”

Wineland: “I like being the underdog because it releases my pressure you know, he (Barao) is expected to just come in and destroy me and it’s not going to happen. So…it takes all of the pressure off my shoulder. He is going to do what he is supposed to do.”

MoVernie: “How do you find Toronto so far?”

Wineland: “I love Toronto. Toronto, Toronto and Canada in general are great. I have been up here in Canada a few times, all the people are just super nice, it’s a great country.”

MoVernie: “Now, if you are going to win this fight on Saturday, after this fight, you maybe facing Dominick Cruz, which fight (Barao or Cruz) are more difficult or challenging in your opinion?”

Wineland: “Between him (Barao) or Cruz? I think Renan is more challenging. For Cruz, you don’t know how he is going to rebound when he is back, he could come back and be the same old Dominique or he could come back as NOT the same old Dominick. So it’s hard to say. At this point, Renan has his hell of his game, I think he is more of a dangerous fighter right now.”

MoVernie: “Best of luck to your fight.”

Wineland: “Thank you!”


MoVernie Summary: It was nice to interview Eddie Wineland. He is a trenmendous strong minded individual. He is a talkative person. It’s easy to interview him as you ask him a question, he is willing to give you his insight and he is good with eloborate the question with great answers. I like that type of interviews. He is also a good talker, he seems to be very focus and know exactly what he needs to do to win the fight. He knows many people count him out and he is being labelled the “underdog” and he is fine with that. I thank Eddie Wineland for the interview opportunity. Now, let’s leave the talk behind and see what he can do on the stage because I think he has a chance to do something impactful! Stay tuned!

Wineland vs Barao

Wineland vs Barao

Interview with UFC Fighter, Alex Gustafsson (1-on-1) – Q & A

MoVernie and his crew attended the UFC 165 Media Day where he got to interview one of the featured fighters, Alexander (Alex) Gustafsson on a 1-on-1 interview. Alex will be on the featured fight against the defending champion, Jon Jones.

Welcome to MoVernie on the BLOG Q & A session! In this session, the Q & A is in conversation format. This will allow the viewer to get to know the interviewee in a different setting.

Letès get the ball rolling!

MoVernie and Gustafsson, discussing Alex upcoming fight against defending Champion, Jon Jones at Toronto UFC 165 on Saturday, September 21.


MoVernie: “Alex, nice seeing you. You are looking good man!”

MoVernie: “Yo guy, this is MoVernie on the MOVE, right now I am live at the Shangri-la for the media day UFC 165.  And beside me is the featured UFC fighter, Alex Gustafsson. Nice to see you here!”

Gustafsson: “Thank you!”

MoVernie: “So…what’s your game plan and what’s your mindset right now?”

Gustafsson: “Ah…you know…my game plan is…you know…going in there by not having a game plan. Just you know, focus on my own thing. And do my own thing. My mind is to..I am cutting on my own weight now, I want to make it as easy as possible for me in preparation for my fight on Saturday.

MoVernie: “ won’t have any particular tactics on Jon Jones, just go in there and do your own thing?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, Jon Jones is the type of fighter you can’t really steer down on one tactic as he is unpredictable. You need to go in with an open mind.”

MoVernie: “Well..I know before you got a cut in your eye, you were wearing a helmet to kind of protect your sleep. Are you doing that still?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, it’s just that now, I don’t have my helmet on or else I would be sleeping right now.” (laughing)

MoVernie: “So if you possibly win and beat Jon Jones, you may possibly use this helmet as a ritual for your future fight wearing your helmet regardless?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, I will.” (smiling)

MoVenrnie: “So, how do you find Toronto right now? Have you been able to walk around the city?”

Gustafsson: “Yeah, I like (Toronto) alot, it reminds me of my home (Sweden) a little bit. Toronto is just a little bit bigger but I am enjoying my time.”

MoVernie: “If you have to pick a place right now (on the MOVE), other than Toronto, where would you choose?”

Gustafsson: “I would be back home.”

MoVernie: “Best of luck on Saturday!”

Gustafsson: “Thank you! I appreciate that!”

MoVernie: “And MoVernie is outta here!”


MoVernie Summary: There were a large number of media outlets trying to interview Alex. But Alex was nice to me, as I was standing there politely and patiently waiting for my turn. He looked at me and told me to come and interview him. He was a very nice guy, a calm and chill type of guy. He gave me 2 minutes of his time and I really appreciate it! Best of luck to his fight on Saturday!


Alex Gustafsson vs Jon Jones

Alex Gustafsson vs Jon Jones

John Allan’s Whisky Week (The Bay)

Yesterday, I got invited by John Allan’s Toronto to attend their Whisky Sample Event. It’s a whisky tour that John Allan’s is hosting from New York to Toronto to Chicago and to California. 

In case you haven’t heard, John Allan’s is a New York-based men’s grooming chain that it opens up its first Canadian location on the Bay Street (The Bay) a few years back.. Named after its founder, the John Allan’s chain has a number of locations in Manhattan and one in Chicago, and serves as a place for men who needs skin care and hair product. It’s a sleek space, all black, steel, leather and stone, with beautiful artwork on the walls and a good beer bar station at the corner that can oversee the entire place with good perspective.

If you need a one-stop hair treatment, shoe shine, skin facial treatment or even your nails treatment, this is the place to be. I am a busy person, always on the move, it’s a great place to make a quick stay, relax, refresh and be on the run again with busy working life.

During yesterday’s evening, I arrived and was immediately greeted by two smiley lovely ladies, guiding me to the Whisky sample station. The representative from The Macallan, described the various types of whisky they provide and pour in various samples for my tastebuds. It was a great event and I got to mingle and meet cool people who worked around the area. They were all busy people and they all agreed that this whisky sample event at John Allen’s was a great meeting place to be and allowing everyone to take a breather out of their busy lives to enjoy the night.

For more information about John Allan’s:

John Allan’s

176 Yonge St 2nd Floor

Toronto, On M5C 2L7