Interview with UFC Fighter, Eddie Wineland (1-on-1) – Q & A

MoVernie and his crew attended the UFC 165 Media Day where he got to interview one of the UFC fighters, Eddie Wineland on a 1-on-1 interview. Alex will be the “underdog” fighting against the defending champion, Renan Barao in their class.

Welcome to MoVernie on the BLOG Q & A session! In this session, the Q & A is in conversation format. This will allow the viewer to get to know the interviewee in a different setting.

Let’s get the ball rolling!


MoVernie: “So…how was your training camp? How did you feel about your training camp?”

Wineland: “Training camp has been awesome! You know, we had 2 training camps fight, it’s been absolutely great, I am in a great shape. I don’t want to do the cliche that “I am in the best shape of my life”, but I am indeed in the best shape of my life. ”

MoVernie: “Congratulations! That’s nice to hear.”

Wineland: “Thanks! You got to be because you are going for 5 rounds against the world champ, you got to be in your best shape.”

MoVernie: “What was the main thing that you were working on that help you during your training?”

Wineland: “Ahh..just trying to get my timing down on my kicks, we know he throws (Barao) a lot of kicks and so I am working on my spinning, so I am trying to get my timing down.”

MoVernie: “Now, you are going to have this fight, how are you going to prepare this fight?”

Wineland: “Ah..we prepare this fight like we do for any other fights. Alot of hard work and alot of grinding and alot of hard pushing and make sure we are in the best shape possible.”

MoVernie: “And you said about the “underdog” mentality, how important to you to prove that and remove that label away?”

Wineland: “I like being the underdog because it releases my pressure you know, he (Barao) is expected to just come in and destroy me and it’s not going to happen. So…it takes all of the pressure off my shoulder. He is going to do what he is supposed to do.”

MoVernie: “How do you find Toronto so far?”

Wineland: “I love Toronto. Toronto, Toronto and Canada in general are great. I have been up here in Canada a few times, all the people are just super nice, it’s a great country.”

MoVernie: “Now, if you are going to win this fight on Saturday, after this fight, you maybe facing Dominick Cruz, which fight (Barao or Cruz) are more difficult or challenging in your opinion?”

Wineland: “Between him (Barao) or Cruz? I think Renan is more challenging. For Cruz, you don’t know how he is going to rebound when he is back, he could come back and be the same old Dominique or he could come back as NOT the same old Dominick. So it’s hard to say. At this point, Renan has his hell of his game, I think he is more of a dangerous fighter right now.”

MoVernie: “Best of luck to your fight.”

Wineland: “Thank you!”


MoVernie Summary: It was nice to interview Eddie Wineland. He is a trenmendous strong minded individual. He is a talkative person. It’s easy to interview him as you ask him a question, he is willing to give you his insight and he is good with eloborate the question with great answers. I like that type of interviews. He is also a good talker, he seems to be very focus and know exactly what he needs to do to win the fight. He knows many people count him out and he is being labelled the “underdog” and he is fine with that. I thank Eddie Wineland for the interview opportunity. Now, let’s leave the talk behind and see what he can do on the stage because I think he has a chance to do something impactful! Stay tuned!

Wineland vs Barao

Wineland vs Barao

Interview with UFC Fighter, Alex Gustafsson (1-on-1) – Q & A

MoVernie and his crew attended the UFC 165 Media Day where he got to interview one of the featured fighters, Alexander (Alex) Gustafsson on a 1-on-1 interview. Alex will be on the featured fight against the defending champion, Jon Jones.

Welcome to MoVernie on the BLOG Q & A session! In this session, the Q & A is in conversation format. This will allow the viewer to get to know the interviewee in a different setting.

Letès get the ball rolling!

MoVernie and Gustafsson, discussing Alex upcoming fight against defending Champion, Jon Jones at Toronto UFC 165 on Saturday, September 21.


MoVernie: “Alex, nice seeing you. You are looking good man!”

MoVernie: “Yo guy, this is MoVernie on the MOVE, right now I am live at the Shangri-la for the media day UFC 165.  And beside me is the featured UFC fighter, Alex Gustafsson. Nice to see you here!”

Gustafsson: “Thank you!”

MoVernie: “So…what’s your game plan and what’s your mindset right now?”

Gustafsson: “Ah…you know…my game plan is…you know…going in there by not having a game plan. Just you know, focus on my own thing. And do my own thing. My mind is to..I am cutting on my own weight now, I want to make it as easy as possible for me in preparation for my fight on Saturday.

MoVernie: “ won’t have any particular tactics on Jon Jones, just go in there and do your own thing?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, Jon Jones is the type of fighter you can’t really steer down on one tactic as he is unpredictable. You need to go in with an open mind.”

MoVernie: “Well..I know before you got a cut in your eye, you were wearing a helmet to kind of protect your sleep. Are you doing that still?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, it’s just that now, I don’t have my helmet on or else I would be sleeping right now.” (laughing)

MoVernie: “So if you possibly win and beat Jon Jones, you may possibly use this helmet as a ritual for your future fight wearing your helmet regardless?”

Gustafsson: “Oh yeah, I will.” (smiling)

MoVenrnie: “So, how do you find Toronto right now? Have you been able to walk around the city?”

Gustafsson: “Yeah, I like (Toronto) alot, it reminds me of my home (Sweden) a little bit. Toronto is just a little bit bigger but I am enjoying my time.”

MoVernie: “If you have to pick a place right now (on the MOVE), other than Toronto, where would you choose?”

Gustafsson: “I would be back home.”

MoVernie: “Best of luck on Saturday!”

Gustafsson: “Thank you! I appreciate that!”

MoVernie: “And MoVernie is outta here!”


MoVernie Summary: There were a large number of media outlets trying to interview Alex. But Alex was nice to me, as I was standing there politely and patiently waiting for my turn. He looked at me and told me to come and interview him. He was a very nice guy, a calm and chill type of guy. He gave me 2 minutes of his time and I really appreciate it! Best of luck to his fight on Saturday!


Alex Gustafsson vs Jon Jones

Alex Gustafsson vs Jon Jones

Bar Refaeli at Sears Canada (Eaton Centre)

Sexy and beautiful supermodel, Bar Refaeli arrived in Toronto this morning at Sears Canada (Eaton Centre) to promote the Nevada Apparel.

A large crowd was on hand to witness the super beauty in person. Bar went on stage and spoke with the Emcee and told the crowd that this was her first time in Toronto. She loves the Nevada clothing line, in particular, she likes the sweaters that Nevada apparel has in its clothing line. Check out more content with #NevadaLaunch on twitter.

Here are some photos of Bar. As you can see, Bar was sitting at the front row seats, checking the Nevada catwalk.

Also check out the video that I took of Bar on stage as well (see below).