New Balance Toronto – Grand Opening Deals (Don’t Miss Out)


Welcome to New Balance Toronto, located inside First Canadian Place at the PATH Level

Today, April 8 marks the grand opening of the New Balance Toronto store. It is located at the PATH system inside the First Canadian Place, which is at the heart of the financial district (Bay & King).

To celebrate its grand opening day, New Balance Toronto has a special great deal for its first 300 customers. The first 300 customers who spend $160 (before tax) or more on any product will receive a free pair of 574 lifestyle sneakers with a custom Jose Bautista batflip insole.

Better yet, 10% of these proceeds will be donated to the Jose Bautista Family Education Fund. Jose Bautista loves New Balance and has been a long-time supporter for these wonderful brand.

It’s a win-win situation when you get to buy $160 worth of New Balance products of your choice, you also get a free pair of 574 kicks and a limited edition Jose Bautista insole. And better yet, parts of the proceeds goes to charity. You get to show your BIG heart for a good cause.


New Balance 574 Lifestyle Kicks (Photo courtesy from New Balance Canada)

I wouldn’t wait too long if I were you, I highly recommend you to make a MOVE ASAP to ensure you get this special deal today at the New Balance Toronto Store.

And in case you don’t know what the iconic New Balance 574 looks like? Here are some sample pictures of them, courtesy from New Balance Canada.

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New Balance Toronto
Exchange Tower
130 King Street West, Unit C34
Toronto, ON
M5X 1A9
Website: NewBalanceToronto


Super colourful list of New Balance items at it’s new store in Toronto


Lots of New Balance kicks for you to choose from


New Balance Iconic 574 (photo courtesy from New Balance Canada)



2016 Ford C-Max Engergi – First Drive


MoVernie will be on the MOVE this week with the brand new 2016 Ford C-Max Energi.

This Ford C-Max runs with both electric battery plus a gasoline engine. When the energy from the battery finishes, I can either go to a charging station and re-charge or the gasoline engine kicks in automatically and move you along. So, there is never any worries that I will be stranded. The power is in my hands, electric or gasoline powered? I am in control.

Special thank you to Ford Canada for this lovely ride as I continue with my birthday celebration and driving around the city to attend the Toronto Fashion Week and other VIP Events.

This 2016 Ford C-Max Energi has loads of goodies, it comes with many high-tech features including automatic parallel parking assist, voice activation control, power trunk, syncing my smartphone with the Ford C-Max and much much more!


Stay tuned as I get to drive this ride for a week and I will try to learn as many of these cool features as possible and share my driving experience with you guys.

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WMCFW15 – Mackage (World MasterCard Fashion Week)

Mackage Fashion

Mackage, has developed into a very well-known brand in Canada and globally. It’s an outerwear collections that are creatively designed with sexy detailing and tailored cuts in leather, puffy and wool. Every World Mastercard Fashion Week (WMCFW), it is a show stopper. A show that every one wants to attend and see what the designers, Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan have in store for each coming seasons.

I love leather jackets and Mackage is famous for it’s quality, its fitting and designs, so I was super excited to attend the Mackage runway show.

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Mackage Fashion

Mackage Fashion

Mackage Fashion

Mackage Fashion

Mackage Fashion



WMCFW15 – Hilary MacMillan (World MasterCard Fashion Week)


This past Wednesday, MoVernie on the MOVE continues…@ World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW). There were 3 runway shows to attend and the first one was the Hilary MacMillan Runway Show. I met Hilary a few weeks ago the Exclusive VIP Celeb Lounge called “The Stylist Box” that was located at the Trump Hotel Penthouse Suite. During our conversation, I could definitely tell that Hilary is a down-to-earth person with a creative minds and vision to her fashion collection.

It’s nice to get to meet her at The Stylist Box event during TIFF and then seeing her collections at the WMCFW event. What I also love about Hilary’s runway show was the use of a live band. The live performance set the mood instantly before the start of the show which I really love that.

Below are the snapshots that I took at Hilary MacMillan’s Runway Show at WMCFW.

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Hilary McMillan Website here.
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The Stylish Box here.


IMG_9211 IMG_9210



New Balance Sneak Preview 2015


New Balance Canada was giving the media a sneak preview of what’s coming for its brand in 2015 at Madonna’s very own Hard Candy Fitness Toronto. There were different types of shoes categories for die-hard runners, semi runners, normal runners or wannabe runners such as myself who just want to wear stylish kicks on the red carpet (LOL).

Other than kicks, there were apparels for men and women. New Balance staff introduced us the latest kicks design, materials and the technology that were being applied in various types of shoes. All these improved elements provided the right balance for their customers who are looking for a balance of style, comfort, foot protection and usability.


What I love New Balance most are the choices of funky colours which you know by now that MoVernie is really out there, who ain’t afraid to wear something that stands out. There are so many choices and so many nice kicks that it will be tough for me to narrow to just one. Tough choices! Be sure to check out the New Balance Canada website here to purchase the apparel and kicks that fits your needs and lifestyle!


Thank you to New Balance Canada & Strut Entertainment for having me at the #NBPreview2015!

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Check out more photos that I snapped at the New Balance Sneak Preview 2015 below!











Treasure Chest at Windsor Arms Hotel


Windsor Arms Hotel (Photo Credit: The Treasure Chest)

MoVernie is on the MOVE again! This time, he and his crew got invited to attend the grand opening of a vintage boutique called the “Treasure Chest” located inside the Windsor Arms Hotel. As we know, Windsor Arms Hotel is famous for its TIFF InStyle Celebrity party. It is also famous for its afternoon high tea, the nice restaurant called “The Living Room” that has a nice outdoor yard to enjoy a glass of wine during warm summer days. To add to this solid Windsor Arms community, located at the corner of the lobby is where the new Treasure Chest Boutique is located.


The Founder is a young entrepreneur named Samantha Michelle, who is the young heiress to the Windsor Arms Hotel as well. She is a multi-talented young lady who is an owner of this boutique store but also a talented DJ (I heard her spin her remixes outside the courtyard at Windsor’s Arm at one event and she definitely got talent). Samantha added her sense of personal style of vintage clothing from London, UK. Many of her treasures include beautiful winter jackets, dresses, sunglasses, jewellery, scarves, accessories and even ties and pins for men. Every piece of article were carefully chosen by Samantha when she was in London, UK and she carried them overseas by carrying over-sized luggage, all on her own. Everything that she does are very hands on.

The evening was filled with very stylish and fashionable peeps and the demographic covered all bases, from young to mid-age and elderly peeps. I think that’s the whole objective about this boutique, it wants every type of peeps to be able to find items that will fit their styles and images. Every item was unique and peeps can mix and match, creating a special fashion style to every individual.

Personally, I really like the boutique name. “Treasure Chest” has special pieces in them and it allows us to discover and explore them. As I explored around the boutique, there was one type of clothing that you will never find in this place, “no pants“. Samantha explained that pants are complicated and she prefers to stay out of it, which I agreed totally, pants are a different breed, they are in their own world.

IMG_5497 IMG_5492 IMG_5490

Lots of awesome food were served during this special evening. Pink champagne and white wine were served as well. One thing you will notice about this boutique the moment you walked into this place, there were tables and sofas located at the centre of the room. Then, there was another sofa located at one side of the wall. I have not seen many boutique stores that have that many furniture for you to sit and relax. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this boutique, I felt like home. It’s warm, cozy and just very inviting. I could see myself having a nice afternoon high tea right inside this boutique. LOL

IMG_5489 IMG_5487 IMG_5495

My “MoVernie MUST VISIT” spot in this boutique? You got to check out the ridiculous large change room at the back side of the boutique. Inside, you felt like a private room more than a change room. You could possibly have a girls night out, changing clothes with a few friends (if you don’t mind that) and just having a good time in there, mixing and matching outfits, while sipping a few glasses of champagne.  Amazing velvet purple sofas along with beautiful mirror did the trick in this room. I felt like a VIP, it’s like a private bottle service booth more than anything. I can even imagine myself singing karaoke in there. For any high-profile celebrity, I think that maybe a good comfort spot to mix and match clothing and accessories before heading out to a gala.

IMG_5498 IMG_5499

The evening ended on a very touching note when Samantha made a speech to everyone that came out to support her new boutique. She was very gracious for the opportunity and she toasted to everyone. The speech was genuine and really came out of the bottom of her heart, that’s always the best about non-scripted speeches.

Until next time, MoVernie is outta here! Peace!
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The Windsor Arms Hotel
18 St Thomas St.
Toronto, ON
M5S 3E7, Canada

David Dixon – World MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 (WMCFW)

David Dixon remained true to his vision and focused on what he felt was a gap in the Canadian Fashion Industry – Women’s contemporary evening wear or event dressing. At his runway show, this was no exception as well, David showcased a series of his fall collection of pure, wedding dresses which he called the “White Label”.

Here are the photos that was taken at David Dixon Fall Collection Runway Show:


Melissa Nepton – World MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 (WMCFW)

Montreal-based designer Mélissa Nepton specializes in modern, ready-to-wear couture that targets the urban career woman. In her runway show, one particular theme that she exhibited on her fall collection was the wet-hair look on all models, giving it different vibe and element to the show. I personally like it, it’s just show you what these garments would look like on a model with wet hair.

Below are photos taken at Mélissa Nepton Fall Collection Runway:

ImageImageImageUntitledr3434 sgffg rtrtrt rtrtr photo 5 (3) photo 4 (4) photo 2 (6) photo 1 (8) photo 1 (4)

Fashion at the Sochi Opening Ceremony

New York Fashion Week is happening this week and next week. And….Sochi Winter Olympics is taking off as well. The opening ceremony just happened today in Russia and all countries wear various winter outfits to showcase their country colours, traditions and their historical heritage. It’s a great event to check out what each country has in store regarding their fashion.

Here are some of my choices for the best fashion at the 2014 Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony. I would like to dissect them into a few categories: 1) Best Fashion; 2) Not necessary stylish or fashionable but definitely makes a statement by standing out from the crowd & 3) Epic Fail:

Category A:) Best Fashion

1) Canada

Love the red pea-coat!


2) France


3) Netherland



Category B:) Not Necessary the best fashion but surely stands out and make a statement

1) USA

I don’t really like the design, it’s too busy and just feels like all logos are being brought by sponsors. Too many stars make me dizzy. However, I do like the material and the cardigan design. Honestly, if the design is more simple and less logos and less stars, I would really love this outfit.


2) Germany

What was the German thinking? These colours don’t reflect them but it does stand out.


3) Ukraine

I like the abstract patterns on the jacket.



Category C: Epic Fail (simply epic fail)

1) Ireland

They look like they are military. With all the terrorist threats against the Sochi Olympics, these are the last uniforms we want to see at a joyful game.


2) Bermuda

No excuse, it’s winter Olympics! Short pants? If some of these athletes really competing the winter sports with these short pants, I will let it slide, but no winter sports will allow you to wear short pants. Put it back in the closet and wait for the next Summer Olympics.


Miley Cyrus – “Adore You” Music Video


Happy holidays to my peeps!

Boxing day, Miley Cryrus decided to drop her gifts to her fans with her latest music video on her track single “Adore You“, one of the track in her latest album “Bangerz“. It’s a bit of a slow tune and in the video, she was rolling around her bed, playing with herself, with a black & white video camera, taking selfies footage.

Here is a photo shot of on her in the “Adore You” music video.


There were scenes of her not wearing alot of makeup. I like her natural look. What’s your thoughts on her latest track single? Love it or hate it? If you haven’t watch her latest music video, click here to watch it or click the video below.

Photo Credit: Vevo Video

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