Raptors Set Franchise Record With Most Home Wins in a Season

Yesterday, I was grateful to witness history as the Toronto Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks by a score of 110-100 to have a franchise record of 48 wins and counting (since Raptors have one more game to go against the Knicks in New York on Wednesday).

Nobody would expect this Toronto squad to do so well beginning of the season and what a turn-around after the Rudy Gay block buster trade. Life is good as a Raptorfan right now. We are in the playoffs baby!

Last night, we also got to see the newly minted 2013-2014 Atlantic Division Banner hanging high above at the Air Canada Centre, joining our 1995 inaugural banner and the 2006-2007 Atlantic Division Banner. It’s about time we got another item to our currently bare Raptors collection.

I was very fortunate that one of sponsors gave me last minute tickets to be sitting in those awesome seats. We were sitting 2 rows near the centre court, just behind the media and in-game announcer section. We felt like we were in the action. The speed of the game was quicker, the size of the NBA players were bigger. It was an awesome view and unbelievable experience. My best seats were still the courtside seats a few years back when I saw Tim Duncan inbounding the ball right in front of us, but these seats were awesome as it was a memorable night to be remembered! I cherished every moment!

Go Raptors Go! See you in the playoffs!

See below for some action shots that I took at our seats at the game last night!


Toronto Raptors clinched it’s second Atlantic Division title in its 19th years of franchise existence

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors for clinching their 2nd Atlantic Division Championship Title. Although I am not quite happy that we lost tonight’s game, falling to 4th spot, a possible lost of home court advantage and facing the Brooklyn Nets, I am glad at least we made the playoffs this year.

Here is a video that I took back in 2007 when Chris Bosh thank the Raptorsfans for their support & the 1st Atlantic Division Rafter was raised. 7 years of flashback here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGQ59agRixM

Raptors DeMar DeRozan Autograph Session at Future Shop

Raptors All-Star DeMar DeRozan loves Toronto alot. He always find time to meet and greet his fans despite the heavy loaded NBA schedule. Two months ago, he launched a book reading program, donating 3,000 books that were distributed to students from low income areas in and around Toronto as part of the Demar DeRozan All-Star Book Program.

Yesteray, DeMar and his sponsors, Klipsch (famous for headphones) were on hand at the Future Shop, Dundas Square location, met and greeted his fans. Some of them actually started lining up in the cold since 6 am in the morning. They couldn’t get a wristband ahead of time and walk around, they had to stay at the line until the autograph session at 4:30pm. That’s respect to those guys! They waited and got excited. Although they got their items autographed, they were a bit disappointed that the organizer couldn’t allow them to pose a photo with DeMar. Nevertheless, they told me it was still worth their time to see All-Star DeMar especially the Raptors are heading into the playoffs. Check out the photo I took of these guys, they deserve a shoutout from me for their dedication of staying outside in the cold for such a long periods of time.

One thing I noticed about DeMar is how much he loves his family. Everywhere and every time there is a public event, he will always bring along his wife, Kiara and his daughter. It’s always nice to see a family man in DeMar!

Below are some photos of the DeMar DeRozan Autograph Signing.

And MoVernie is outta here!

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These guys lined up at 6 am and waited til 4:30 pm just to meet DeMar! Die-hard Raptorsfans that deserve my shoutout!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Official Trailer

I grew up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I recalled everyday, I would run back home to watch the show. Even if it was a re-run, I don’t get bored. My favourite ninja turtle is Michaelangelo because he is fun-loving, chill, relax and knows how to have fun, exactly how I live my life.

From the trailer, I think Director, Michael Bay chose the right person to play the reporter, April O’Neil character, which is Megan Fox. She fits very well in this movie. I do however, thinks the ninja turtles faces looks a bit too wide, kind of ugly looking with a hamburger head shape. Nevertheless, I am still excited for this movie.

Here is the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

Trailer & Photo: Courtesy from the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Website.


Megan Fox as the reporter, April O’Neil

Rudsak – World MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 (WMCFW)

Rudsak was surely one of my favourite designers at the World MasterCard Fashion Week. The leather jacket design, the big furry mittens and hats and the beautiful models, everything was perfect! To top it off? The amazing rock and roll music to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Rudsak, that was awesome!

Here are some of the photos I took at the Rudsak Runway Show:



Easter Seals – 63rd Annual Rogers Conn Smythe Sports Celebrity Dinner


The 63rd Annual Rogers Conn Smythe Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction took place on Thursday, February 27th, 2014 at the Toronto’s famous Royal York Hotel. They had a list of solid 2014 Celebrity Guests who gave their valuable time and gave back to the communities in support of this special charitable event. In fact, some of these celebrities such as all-time Blue Jays great, Carlos Delgado, specifically flew in Toronto so he could be part of this special occasion. The list of celebrity guests include Carlos Delgado (Baseball Player), Geraldine Heaney (Hockey Player), James Hinchcliffe (Indy Car Race Car Driver), Perdita Felicien (Hurdler), Dave Stewart (Baseball Player), Scott Milanovich (CFL Coach), Gary Roberts (Hockey Player), Matt Hughes (Martial Artist), Stefan Charles (NFL Player), and Natalie Spooner (Female Gold Olympian). This year’s dinner host was Gerry Dee!

Special thanks to the Easter Seals Committee for the invitation and our crew and I attended the media conference where I got to interview some of these celebrities as well as the Easter Seals Ambassadors about being part of this great charitable organizations and the meaning of giving back and in support of the youth and young adults in Ontario with a physical disability.

Stay tuned for my later publications on the interviews I had with some of these celebrities!

Here are the photos we took at the Media Conference and photos of my interviews with these celebrities:

DSC_1743 DSC_1810 DSC_1824 DSC_1847 DSC_1865 DSC_1888 DSC_1935

Met Raptors Julyan Stone at a fashion show after-party in Toronto

Me and my bro met #77 Raptors Julyan Stone at a fashion show after-party last night. Julyan told me that he loves Toronto as it has lots to offer and he loves fashion, that’s why he was at the fashion show.

Most importantly, he said this is a strong and tight-group of players in the Raptors locker room night-in and night-out, which I am happy to hear.

Julyan is a great guy, very humble and friendly, we chatted for more than 15 minutes.


David Dixon – World MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 (WMCFW)

David Dixon remained true to his vision and focused on what he felt was a gap in the Canadian Fashion Industry – Women’s contemporary evening wear or event dressing. At his runway show, this was no exception as well, David showcased a series of his fall collection of pure, wedding dresses which he called the “White Label”.

Here are the photos that was taken at David Dixon Fall Collection Runway Show:


Melissa Nepton – World MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 (WMCFW)

Montreal-based designer Mélissa Nepton specializes in modern, ready-to-wear couture that targets the urban career woman. In her runway show, one particular theme that she exhibited on her fall collection was the wet-hair look on all models, giving it different vibe and element to the show. I personally like it, it’s just show you what these garments would look like on a model with wet hair.

Below are photos taken at Mélissa Nepton Fall Collection Runway:

ImageImageImageUntitledr3434 sgffg rtrtrt rtrtr photo 5 (3) photo 4 (4) photo 2 (6) photo 1 (8) photo 1 (4)

Sid Neigum – World MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 (WMCFW)

2014 World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) started last night in Toronto and the fashion week will run until this Friday (March 21). We were there to check out the main stage and attended up-and-rising fashion designer, Sid Neigum‘s Fall Collection Runway Show. One of the top Canadian models, Coco Rocha was present, sitting in the front row seat, checking out Sid Neigum fall collection, showing her support for Canadian Designers and talent. Respect!

Below are the photos of Sid Neigum Fall Collection at his Runway Show: