Global Resort Homes – My Type of Lifestyle Vacation Homes in Kissimmee, Florida


The recent winter snow storm that just hit Toronto with a big pile of snow made me miss the warm weather and the fun activities that I did when I was in Kissimmee, Florida back in November of last year.

Moreover, as March break and the summer season is just around the corner, I am sure you are starting to plan for your next vacation for 2016. Whether you are a family planning for a trip with your children or young couples just wanted to have some lifestyle activities or outdoor adventures, I highly recommend you to consider Kissimmee, Florida as one of your destination options.

When people fly to Disney World, most of them would choose the Disney Resort as their accommodations. However, did you know that Kissimmee, Florida, which is just a 20-25 minutes drive from Disney World offers a variety of luxury, modern, chic resort homes that will fit your needs and lifestyle? Not only these resort homes are beautiful, they are also very competitive in terms of price.

Last November, I was travelling with a number of Social Media Influencers to Kissimmee, Florida and we stayed at the Global Resort Homes at Champions Gate. These are luxury resort homes that are managed by a management company. There are a large number of resort communities in Kissimmee. People actually buy and own these resort homes. However, they may stay at these homes for a few months or even just for a few weeks over the entire year.

What happens when they don’t stay around but travel elsewhere around the world? The management team will help them list out the resort homes for travelers so they can book for a week or stay for a weekend, etc.

When we arrived outside the Global Resort Home, we were informed that the homes ranged from 4,5,6,7 and 8 bedrooms. We stayed at a home that had 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. All of the homes at Champions Gate feature a master suite with king bed and are professionally decorated. My favourite part of the resort home? Each home comes with its own backyard with a barbecue, patio table and chairs. Most importantly, each home comes with its own swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub and the backyard comes with a private screen to prevent mosquitoes from sucking your fresh blood. Furthermore, all homes comes with a washer and dryer and FREE WIFI.


Every home is furnished so basically we are ready to move in and chill. There are comfy sofas and chairs throughout the entire home. Peeps can cook their own food or microwave some popcorn and watch a movie. It’s a luxury lifestyle. On top of that, during your stay, you have access to the 20,000 sq. ft. Oasis clubhouse (located near you), that provides outdoor water slides, lazy river, splash park, fitness centre, tiki bar and movie theatre, plus a playground and volleyball courts. If you want to be a baller, you can even rent a luxurious cabanas that is air-conditioned and comes with furniture and television. And it even comes with its own washroom with a shower stall. How baller is that? In my next MoVernie BLOG, I will talk more about my experience at the Oasis clubhouse. For this MoVernie BLOG, let’s focus on the resort home itself.

After telling you how fancy and how big this resort home is, your must be thinking that renting this resort home daily must be expensive. You are dead wrong! I got to admit, I thought it would cost me a fortune but it turns out renting a luxurious resort home like this is very reasonably priced. Depending on how long you rent the home, which month of the season you are renting the home, you are looking at about $400-$600USD (check its website for more up-to-date info.) a night for a home that ranges from 4-8 bedrooms. To me, that’s very competitive to what you pay for a smaller size room at Disney resort.

I think resort homes are perfect for family with children, or better yet, a few families spending together for a week. Imagine your family live in Toronto. Your sibling lives in Vancouver. Your parents live in Winnipeg. Imagine you all decided to fly to Kissimmee to spend for a week. Instead of renting a number of Disney resort rooms that are relatively small and hard for the entire family to hang out, the resort homes have the large amount of space for everyone. Everyone has their own bedrooms and ample number of bathrooms. Kids can play games and walk around the entire large home. Kids swim in the pool and adults chill at the Jacuzzi tub.


Although I don’t have a family of my own yet, but I could also see myself booking a resort home the next time I come to Kissimmee. Imagine we have a group of young couples? Instead of renting a hotel room each, we chip in to book for a large resort home. We have our own big bedroom along with our own bathroom. If we want to cook, we can cook with the kitchen appliances and dishes and cutlery are also available for us to use.

Instead of trying to find a restaurant that can accommodate the big group, I rather have dinner at the resort home, which is more comfortable and less stressful. In case you are tired after spending the entire day doing outdoor activities in Kissimmee or at the Disney theme parks and you don’t want to cook anymore. Not a problem! Global Resort Homes offer an optional home chef service where they will draft a food menu ahead of time for you to approve. When you are out having fun, the chef team can access your resort home (each resort home has its specific key code that changes after every traveller’s stay) so they can prepare the food in your kitchen. When you return home super tired, the chef begin preparing the food for you and your children. Now, that’s what you called “service”!

MoVernie Tips & Recommendations:

The following tips & recommendations will hopefully help maximize and make your experience an enjoyable one when you stay at one of the Global Resort Homes in Kissimmee, Florida:

– There are so many different types of resort homes that fits your needs. They even offer condominium, townhouse or single home styles. Make sure you check out all the different house types that fits your needs

– There are a number of resort community to choose from. The one that we stayed at is called the “Champions Gate”, which is one of the newest and nicest resort communities. Check out which resort community fits your style

– Many of these homes comes with a recreational room that includes foosball, pool table or other goodies. However, each home is different, so make sure you check out each resort home listing and see which one fits you

– During your stay, you have access to the Oasis club house, make sure you utilize the facilities and spend some time there. It’s a paradise

– Speaking of Oasis club house, we found that some resort homes are located a bit far from the club house. I would recommend that if you have family members who aren’t super mobile, you can drive your rental car to the club house as they have parking spots or simply choose a resort home that is in close proximity to the club house.

– I highly definitely recommend you to utilize the kitchen and prepare some food and enjoy the dining area

– Utilize the barbecue and the patio table

– Last but not least, make sure you dedicate a day just doing nothing and just chill all day in the swimming pool. Trust me, it was refreshing getting sunshine and swimming in cool water

Now, enough of me talking about this Global Resort Home, it’s time to check out some of the photos that I snapped during my stay at this 8-bedroom, 6-bathroom luxurious home at the Champions Gate.

Travel assistance was provided by Experience Kissimmee. As always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.



#SupportPrincessMargaret Twitter Party/Periscope this Wednesday on February 17th (TONIGHT) from 7-8 p.m.

PMCC-lotto-promo-3-1024x512 (1)

Photo Credit: Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Hello peeps,

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (PMCF) will be hosting a Twitter Party tonight from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.! Join this great twitter party and find out how you can help support #CancerResearch at one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.

And MoVernie on the MOVE will be live tweeting and Periscoping during this event to interact with awesome people such as yourself. So, be sure to join this Twitter Party & join the conversation. Follow the hashtag (#SupportPrincessMargaret). See you then!

#SupportPrincessMargaret Twitter Party
Date: Wednesday February 17, 2016
Time: 7:00p.m -8:00p.m ET
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Prizing: $1,500 in VISA Gift Cards
Canada Only

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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey


Happy Monday! Today is February 8, 2016, which is Chinese New Year! This is the year of the Monkey.

In the new year of the Monkey, MoVernie and his crew would like to wish everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year a very prosperous, healthy and joyful year ahead! Best wishes to all and hope your wishes come true!






NBA All-Star Weekend – Setting Up



Today is on Monday, I had decided to make a walk after work, just to see if there’s any happening at the Air Canada Centre (ACC). As predicted, while the Toronto Raptors were playing against the Pistons in Detroit, the hardworking ACC staffs was already busy setting up the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, to be played this weekend in Toronto. This is the first time that the NBA Festivity is held outside of the United States.

I walked around Gate 2 and saw an artwork on the ground. It’s a beautiful piece resembling the official NBA All-Star Game logo. I also walked into the Real Sports Apparel, just to see what type of merchandize was in there. Wow! Almost the entire store was full of NBA All-Star merchandize, but be prepare to bring your fat wallet because everything isn’t cheap. A snapback was around $31.99 + tax.


As I walked around outside of the ACC, near the Gate 5, where the giant jumbotron was located, I saw the staffs was starting to put the images of the NBA All-Star players who will be participating in the game. In particular, I got a bit emotional when our very own Toronto Raptors, DeMar DeRozan’s image was slowing putting up the window wall. To me, it was a defying moment for me to stand from afar and saw his image on the window wall. We have a winning team who is currently 2nd place in the Eastern Conference. We got a player in Kyle Lowry who was voted in as the starting PG for the Eastern Conference. In total, we have 2 Toronto Raptors representing Toronto, actually, the entire Canada and will be participating in the NBA All-Star game on home soil.


I am super excited right now. I have never had these much Goosebumps before, not interviewing celebrities or game 7 of a playoff game. But this once-in-a-lifetime experience will be unforgettable in my memory!

Go Raptors! Go NBA All-Star Weekend! Go Toronto! Go Canada!

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And MoVernie is outta here!


Kia Sorento – AJAC Best New SUV / CUV ($35,000 – $60,000)

The 2016 Kia Sorento has won the “Best New SUV / CUV ($35,000 – $60,000)” category at the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). And every winner of each category (9 categories in total) will be competing for the “Car of the Year” and “Truck of the Year” awards. So, the Kia Sorento will be competing for the “Truck of the Year 2016” award.

I would like to use this opportunity to wish Kia Canada and Kia Motors best of luck with its Kia Sorento. I will be attending the media day this Thursday to witness the announcements for both awards.


I first saw the 2016 Kia Sorento last year when I was on the Kia Gear-Up event where there was a nice Sorento in the beautiful white body finish. I got to admit, the all-new Sorento really caught my eye. It had a beautiful front, side and rear design. It has good ground clearance, good height and a good size. I have not seen such a beautiful all-around good looking SUV for a long time.

So, when I came back to Toronto, I had requested Kia Canada to provide me with the Kia Sorento for a week long experience. The Sorento that I got was in an unique body paint called the “Dark Cherry”. But to my own naked eyes, it looked more like a nice burgundy brown. Nevertheless, it looked very good on the Sorento and there wasn’t anything like it on the road. The trim level was a Sorento EX V6 AWD with 7 seats.


I recalled how powerful the engine was in the Sorento. The powerplant was a 290-horsepower 3.3L V6 GDI and I was told that this beast have a 5,000lb towing capacity, which is impressive.

Once I hopped inside the SUV, you could feel the rich material throughout the entire cabin.  The seats were comfy and supportive. All the high-tech features could be found in this vehicle. Although I ain’t 6 feet and I ain’ t a big guy, entering and exiting the Sorento was at ease. It didn’t give me any trouble at all. I recalled when my manager, MoKenny sat inside the passenger seat for the first time, he was observing and looking around, touching the dashboard. He nodded his head and said “the interior looks very luxurious and rich material. I am impressed from a company such as Kia. This car company really come along way, building something that customers want and really can compete with the leaders of this segment”.

The steering wheel in the Sorento had a good feel on the road. It was not too heavy and not too light, which had a good-balance of the turning radius and the road conditions. I honestly didn’t feel like I was driving a massive truck. Instead, the Sorento drove and felt like as if I was driving a luxury mid-size sedan.


The engine was powerful and adequate in moving such a large mass of vehicle from a dead stop. I am very impressed with the overall design and the engineering of the Kia Sorento. It really changed my perception to this brand and when it was announced that Sorento beat out other competitiors and won the Best New SUV / CUV ($35,000 – $60,000) at AJAC 2016. I am very happy for Kia Canada and Kia Motors.

I wish them all the best come this Thursday at the media day at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) when AJAC announces the winner of the “Truck of the Year”. Who is going to be? We will find out.

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And MoVernie is outta here!

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Also check out the latest Kia Canada vehicles lineup here.




MoVernie Contest: Snoop Dogg & 2 Chainz Charity Game Tix


Who wants a chance to win a pair of tix to see entertainment icon Snoop Dogg & 2 Chainz charity basketball game to be held on Saturday, February 13?

The organizer has kindly partnered with MoVernie to give a lucky winner a pair of tix to watch this game.  This basketball game is in conjunction with “I Can! We Can” founder and motivator Peter Tolias.

The “I CAN, WE CAN! TRU SNOOP HOOP,” celebrity basketball game will take place during NBA All-Star weekend from 2PM to 6PM EST at Hershey Center in Mississauga, Ontario. All proceeds raised from the game will be donated equally between three non-profit organizations including the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL), T.R.U. Foundation, and United Way of Peel Region.

In addition to Snoop Dogg & 2 Chainx, there will be a long list of celebrities (subject to change) who will participate in this celebrity game.

They are as follows:

Wale, ASAP Ferg, Joe Carter, NFL player Marshawn Lynch, Jose Bautista, K Camp, Trinidad James, Freddie Gibbs, former NFL player Josh Johnson and former NBA players Baron Davis, Morris Peterson, Jerome Williams and Alvin Williams.

Here are the steps you have to follow for your chance to win this pair of tix to see Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainx.

  1. Follow Peter Tolias (founder and motivator) on Twitter – click here.
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Sample Tweet: “Hey @MoPete & @BaronDavis! It’s great both of you are participating the Charity Game 4 a good cause #ICANWECAN & #MoVernieContest

A lucky winner will be announced on Friday, February 12 at 3:00 pm. Good luck!

If you are interested in purchasing tickets to show your support to this charity event, click here.


2016 Acura ILX – First Drive


Today is Monday, February 8th, which is also the first day of Chinese New Year! This is the year of the Monkey. I would like to use this opportunity to wish everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year a very prosperous, happy and healthy year!

As for MoVernie on the MOVE, my team and I will continue to be on the MOVE to bring you the latest happenings around our beautiful city of Toronto as well as hot events/parties around the world.

What a great way to start off the Year of the Monkey, Acura Canada has just handed me with the keys to the brand new 2016 Acura ILX. This will be a super busy week for the MoVernie crew as there will be lots of events happening throughout the week. There will be Chinese New Year celebrations, NBA All-Star Toronto, Canadian International Auto Show, my mom’s birthday, Valentines Day and Family Day.


It’s going to be a crazy week but I am glad the Acura ILX will be on the MOVE with me throughout the adventurous journey.

From the first glance, this Acura ILX is a nice compact size car that looks luxurious, sporty and modern. In particular, I really like the Acura signature jewel headlights. I was told that the predecssor comes with the 2.0L 150hp engine. But for this new 2016 mid-facelift, they have made a heart transplant and provide this ride a 2.4L 201 hp engine. That’s about 50 more hp. For a compact car like this , I am sure it will be super quick! I can’t wait to give this ride an acceleration test.


Follow me on Instagram (@RealMoVernie) and Twitter (@MoVernie) as I will be posting awesome photos and videos of this 2016 Acura ILX throughout the entire week at events such as the NBA All-Star Week and Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS). Stay tuned!

And MoVernie is outta here!



NAIAS 2016 – Top 12 Must-See Cars at North American International Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is happening right now and will be opened to public until January 24, 2016. So, you definitely still have time to go check out the show this weekend.

Ford Canada invited me to its annual Ford NAIAS Digital Influencers Summit in Detroit and so I was able to check out what the Ford & Lincoln brands have to offer to the consumers. At the same time, I was also able to check out what other car manufacturers’ offer to get a good feel of the latest auto trends and technologies at the auto show.

Below are my MoVernie Top 12 Must-See Cars at NAIAS 2016. Trust me, you sure don’t want to miss these hot rides when you are there!

Top #1 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: BMW M2


Top #2 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Ford GT


Top #3 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Acura Precision Concept


Top #4 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: VLF Automotive Force 1 V10


Top #5 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Lincoln Continental


Top #6 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept


Top #7 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Kia TellURide


Top #8 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Buick Avista


Top #9 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Chevrolet Camaro


Top #10 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


Top #11 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Nissan IDS Concept


Top #12 MoVernie Must-See at NAIAS 2016: Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S


Ford Blue Oval HQ: Must-See at NAIAS


Ford Motors has the biggest floor space at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Inside the Blue Oval HQ (as it’s often referred as), consists of many interactive activities for you and your friends and family to do. It has 2 floors showcasing its Ford latest products and technologies.

I highly recommend you to walk through the entire Blue Oval. Below are some of the interactive activities that you shouldn’t miss when you are the Ford Blue Oval HQ.

Custom-made Buttons:


You can choose any template designs at the station. You can add in any drawings or words along with the design. Best yet, they provide colourful markers and you just fill in the design whichever you like. It’s fast and it’s easy. The friendly Ford staff are there to help you make your personalized button.

iPad and charging Station:


Ford has a number of presentations or seminars that you can navigate their presentation slides in the iPad that is right in front of you at the iPad and charging station. The best part? Your iPhone or iPad or laptop is low in batteries? They have charging station for you to charge your equipment. Super thoughtful by Ford.

Ford Explorer Interactive Station:


Imagine sitting inside the spacious Ford Explorer, being lifted up and watching an interactive video? As if you are travelling through a journey? It’s super entertaining.

Ford Fusion NASCAR:


During my Ford NAIAS Media Trip, Ford unveiled its latest Ford Fusion NASCAR. It looks amazing to me. Can’t wait to see it zooming on the race track.

F-150 Interactive Pro-Trailer GateF150Gate

Imagine hopping into the “2015 North American Truck of the Year” F-150 Truck, being lifted up in the air. Your job is to try out Ford’s latest technology in assisting its drivers’ how to better navigate easily backing up its truck to unload a boat or a big trailer. Apparently, Ford received feedbacks from pickup truck users and this was a feature that many of them wish it would became a reality. Ford listened and made it happen! Amazing!

Basketball Machine:



You can show case your basketball shooting skills with the hoops machine at the Ford Blue Oval. In particular in Toronto, Ford is a proud sponsor of Toronto Raptors, we often see these type of hoops machines being available for fans to shoot some hoops.

Lego Station:


Ford and Lego have partnered up to release two Lego play sets showcasing the iconic Ford Mustang Lego as well as a hotrod and Ford Raptor Pickup. You can be a child again, applying your imagination with the Lego blocks.

Video Game Driving Experience:


Impairment Simulator Suit: