Gallery: Marianas Trench “Never Say Die” Tour


Hi Peeps! As you have read my previous MoVernie BLOG on my adventures at the Marianas Trench “Never Say Die” tour that was held at Air Canada Centre (ACC) last month, I had taken lots of amazing photos up close and personal near the stage and other areas of the venue. Yes, I worked very hard, ALWAYS on the MOVE to bring you the best photos of your favourite band.

Below is a gallery of photos that I took at the Marianas Trench Concert. Hope you enjoy them.

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Marianas Trench “Never Say Die” Tour – Air Canada Centre (Toronto Stop)


Marianas Trench, a well-established Canadian rock band was on a “Never Say Die” Tour in the past few months, making stops in many American and Canadian cities. Whether the cities were big ones or small ones, Marianas Trench made every effort to ensure its fans from all parts of the countries a chance to get up close and personal with them.

For those who wanted to know more about Marianas Trench, it’s a rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia that was formed in 2001. The band consists of members Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, and Ian Casselman. This band has been in the music industry for 15 years and counting.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Marianas Trench, they are lovable, down-to-earth real, funny, cool, hip and really have its own unique character. Most importantly, this band has never ran out of music creativity, I have seen this band evolve over the years, thinking of new images, new ideas, new music direction, giving its fans something new to discover about the band while maintaining its own roots. That’s not easy to do for many bands but Marianas Trench just gets it done. In particular, I really like the singles called “One Love” and “Fallout“. You could hear the lyrics and how passionate Josh Ramsey interpreted in these songs. This band has so much to offer and so many hit singles that their fan base just continue to grow and grow.


Last month, I was very fortunate to be invited to cover and review the Marianas Trench “Never Say Die” Concert at the Air Canada Centre (ACC) in its Toronto stop. Another great Canadian band, Walk Off The Earth did the opening for them for the entire tour. It was a perfect choice to have them to open for the Marianas Trench. In particular, I really like one of their latest song called “Rule the World”, it’s just so powerful, strong instrumental music and just full of energy. And to be able to hear them live was a total pleasure. They had definitely hyped up the crowd that evening. I wish Walk Off The Earth best of luck and continue to pump out great music and hopefully, I will see them have their own tour in the near future.

The set list told us that the Marianas Trench concert will begin at 8:50 pm. To my surprise, the band was right on time. Wait, let me re-phrase this. The reason I was super surprised because most concerts that I been to in the past, they would never be on time, with some artists showing up 40 minutes later. Not for Marianas Trench, they didn’t want their fans to wait too long and suffer, thus, they began on time.

The background display of virtual images, lights and music were what made a live concert fun and entertaining. There is no comparison watching the concert live than by watching it on TV at home, it’s a total different experience. Josh Ramsey, as usual came out wearing flashy outfits, holding up his guitar and began jumping up and down throughout the stage. His fellow members positioned themselves at different places throughout the stage, playing their respective instruments.

The crowd at the ACC were jam packed, they were screaming, jumping up and down, moving their bodies along with the music. The vibe was awesome. You could see lots of young ladies, kids accompanied by parents were all singing along every song.

Marianas Trench released its latest album (Astoria) back in October of 2015 and they performed many of the songs from this album, including Astoria, One Love, Never Say Die and many more.


As you know, MoVernie is ALWAYS on the MOVE, so I took some shots from my seats and I also got to experience what a concert was like standing close the stage. I got to take lots of closeup photos (check them out below), so that I can share with you guys.

There was a few highlights that stick in my mind during the Marianas Trench concert. The moment when Josh came down the stage from the centre spot, he ran along the barricades and I was able to see him up close and personal, that was a memory to remember. He basically went around the arena and high-five the fans along the way. You could see how excited the fans were. Some even cried after they shook hands with Josh. Another highlight was when Josh went to the centre floor area, go onto the platform, sat down beside the piano and began to play the song “One Love” in piano version. That was really cool! Last but not least, Josh tied himself on a zip line wire and zipped across the stage in mid-air, singing songs while doing acrobats. That’s multi-tasking folks! All those spins moves and moving upside down in mid-air? Josh made it look so easy. I would have thought that flying mid-air, spinning around will affect his breathing or singing. Nope! Not a chance, he was flawless, smooth breathing and he maintained his great vocal.


You could tell this band appreciates their fans greatly. Throughout the concert, the band thanked the fans for their support. I recalled at one point, Josh said, “Thank you all of you for your continual support, without you guys, we won’t be able to last this long. We have our own tour across Canada and U.S.A. We have our own show at the ACC. I recalled 10 plus years ago, when we were performing at a tavern, there maybe only a handful who showed up. Thank you for your love”. I thought that was a powerful speech. I mean, think about it, imagine yourself performing on a stage at a tavern and only a handful show up and 10 plus years later, a jam-packed crowd at the ACC? That’s something to be proud of.

Also during the show, Josh thanked the parents who bought tickets and accompanied with their kids. He said, “Thanks to the parents who came here with your kids. Now, let me teach you a lesson, Pop 101”. The crowd cheered as Pop 101 is one of the band’s songs.

One of the perks of being able to stand near the stage was the opportunity for me to observe how the behind-the-scenes work crew operated throughout the concert. Staff members consistently had to move equipment along the stage, setting up visual effects and coordinating with each other to ensure safety comes first and everything was working. Special shoutout to the hardworking staff members that we often negectled but played an important role to the success of the show.


Did you know that the band used more than one guitar for the entire show? I honestly don’t play instruments myself. It was fascinating to see an entire row of guitars being placed underneath the stage and the staff members carefully placed them in specific orders. They also hand out different guitars to the band members for certain part of the performance. That was interesting.

All-in-all, I had an amazing time at the Marianas Trench Concert. They have come a long way to establish themselves and built such a large following of fans around the world. I think it’s not easy for a Canadian band to be able to build such a successful brand in both the U.S. and Canada markets but they did it!

I will definitely go to the next Marianas Trench concert. If you haven’t watch them in person, I highly recommend you buy tickets to watch them in the near future and also buy their latest album, Astoria.

Special thanks to Live Nation and Strut Entertainment for giving me such a wonderful Exclusive VIP experience at the Marianas Trench Concert in Toronto.

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Ontario Music Fund Showcase – MOD Club


Two weeks ago, the MoVernie Crew was invited by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) to cover the special Ontario Music Fund Showcase that was held at the MOD Club.


So, what was this event about? It was an event to celebrate Ontario’s music industry success supported by the Ontario Music Fund (OMF). There are a lot of Canadian talent in our beautiful country. However, as we all know, in order for the talent to shine, not only they have to be creative, have their unique talent and skills but more importantly having luck and financial support. This is what Ontario Music Fund (OMF) comes in.

The purpose of OMF is aimed at strengthening and stimulating growth in Ontario’s music companies and supporting this growing sector. The Fund is designed to drive activity and investment and to support Ontario’s music companies and organizations in expanding their economic and cultural footprints within Canada and around the world. OMF plays an important role to provide financial support and a platform for the Canadian talent to shine.

And at this Ontario Music Fund Showcase, Canadian talent who were funded by various OMF projects over the past 3 years were able to perform to the crowd.

The host of the evening was Jully Black. Jully Black is a Canadian R&B singer–songwriter and actress. She has collaborated and written for many artists, including Nas, Saukrates, Choclair, Kardinal Offishall, Destiny’s Child and Sean Paul. Jully is very active in Canada, always being there to show her love and support in promoting Canadian Music.

Performers at the Ontario Music Fund Showcase included Monster Truck; A Tribe Called Red; SATE; Mehdi Cayenne; and Peter Katz.


I was constantly on the MOVE that evening covering various events that I was only able to check out performers Peter Katz and SATE but man oh man, they were talented. Amazing vocals and amazing live stage presence.

I wish these performers best of luck with their careers and also a shoutout to the on-going support by the OMDC for their continual financial and structural support in the development of OMF-funded projects and discovery of Canadian Talent.

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VELD 2014 – Day 1 (EDM at Downsview Park)

As you know, MoVernie is always on the MOVE. This time, with his crew, covering one of the hottest events of the summer. After it’s successful inaugural event from last year, VELD is returning again this weekend, with an even stronger lineup of performers including the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Iggy Azalea, Zedd, Calvin Harris, just to name a few.

Rain dropped a bit during the early afternoon but it hold up for the rest of the evening. Crowd got bigger and bigger and having a great time in the open field at Downsview Park. That’s what I like about VELD, it created a “Tomorrow Land” type of feel to it because the big main stage was built from scratch and in the big open field. Baccardi Tent was awesome as well, providing a second stage for performers to enjoy the beach sand type of atmosphere.

Here are the photos that was taken yesterday. VELD Round 2, are you ready for more?

If you are staying in the city and have nothing to do, it’s never too late to purchase VELD Tickets. Click here to check for ticket availability.


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Kristina Maria – CHUM FM FanFest 2014 (Canadian Music Week)

Last night was CHUM FM FanFest 2014 and it was being held at the Kool Haus. One of the performers was the talented, beautiful and amazing artist, Kristina Maria. She performed a number of her hit singles and she just brought the house down with her sexy outfit, amazing vocals along with her energetic dancers that just showcased the beautifully choreographed dance moves.

As a bonus, Kristina sneak preview her upcoming single (not yet released) called “Spring Break”, featuring a 19-year old, talented rapper! ARG=ENTO in this song. I can tell you right now that this “Spring Break” song will be another smash hit for Kristina Maria. I love the beat, the flow of the music and the moment you heard it, you want to move your body and you could pick up a cue here and there, knowing the name “Spring Break” is very fitting to this song. Stay tuned for her latest track at various media outlets very soon!

I hope to interview Kristina in the near future for my “MoVernie on the MOVE” live show at in the near future!

Below were some of the Kristina Maria photos that I took of at the CHUM FM FanFest 2014.

Thank you to Bell Media PR for the media accreditation for this event.

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CHUM FM FanFest 2014 – Canadian Music Week

Last night was CHUM FM FanFest 2014 and it was being held at the Kool Haus. I was at CHUM FanFest last year and interviewed MuchMusic Coca-Cola Covers Contest 2012 Winner, Tyler Shaw. This year’s FanFest had another solid lineup of performers and headlined by two major big names in Ellie Goulding as well as Tegan and Sara. Other performers included Cris Cab, Andrew Allen, Alyssa Reid, Magic and Kristina Maria. It was a hot steamy night inside the Kool Haus and the large crowd was going insane and every performer did an amazing job, bringing their talents and their live stage performance to hype up the crowd. What a great week for Canadian Music, it’s a week to celebrate and Canadians should be very proud. I wish all the Canadian artists all the best and continue to make more great music for the fans to enjoy! See you next year, CHUM FM FanFest 2015! See you then!

Below were some of the photos that I took at the CHUM FM FanFest 2014.

Thank you to Bell Media PR for the media accreditation for this event.

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Kristina Maria



Ellie Goulding


Tegan & Sara


Alyssa Reid

Kanye West “Yeezus” Toronto Tour


Kanye West “Yeezus” Toronto Tour was supposed to be held last month in November but due to a road accident that damaged concert equipment and made it “impossible to put on the show.” that his show was rescheduled until December 22 and 23. That’s just demonstrate to you how serious and professional Kanye is on the quality of his show. He is a perfectionist! But everything happened for a reason! The rescheduled Toronto tour finally happened in the past 2 nights when Kanye performed in both nights at the Air Canada Centre. As it turned out, the rescheduled show was perfect timing, not only it was near Christmas and holiday times, but it was also the last show of the Yeezus Tour. So, it’s a great honour for me to witness his talent and his performance here in Toronto with his last show of the year.

Kendrick Lamar, the up and rising, well-known rapper did the opening, hyping up the crowd with his numbers of hit track singles. The crowd was pumped! Kendrick put on quite a show, warming the crowd up! At one point, he asked the crowd to hold up their smartphones with the flash on, creating an amazing light show around the building. It was quite a sight!

Kendrick Lamar - Opening

Kendrick Lamar – Opening

As we all heard that Kanye has a tendency of opening his show late (at least 1 hour late). To our surprise, last night, Mr. West was on time! The moment we heard the beats and the speakers were about to play some strong beats, we knew the show will soon begin.

I think Kanye had elevated “live concert” experience to the next level! I was very impressed with the stage setup and all the visual and audio effects accompanied with it. The stage was huge! There was a mountain set that Kanye can stand at different elevation. He performed at the peak of the mountain, the mid-section of the mountain, it’s just surreal! There were smokes coming out to make the mountain scene as real as it could be. The huge circular projector screen on the ceiling was the equipment that forced the concert to be rescheduled. And I totally understood the importance of this equipment because it changed colours and performed various visual effects on it. It complements the mountain, giving every scene a different mood and vibe. The colours it showed gave every scene a morning, afternoon, evening or sunset mode. At one point, Kanye was lying on the spongy stage and this projector was used to show his singing while lying on the spongy stage. So, that was cool.

Kanye Yeezus Tour

Kanye Yeezus Tour

During the entire concert, the stage setup continued to impress me. Just as I thought the stage couldn’t do much anymore, it surprised me again and again. I would never thought the spongy “arrow-shaped” part of the stage could elevate up in the air and became a peak of another mountain! When Kanye stood at the peak of the mountain, it’s just so cool, especially with the spot light shining on him. The mountain even split in half (later on in the show) so that dancers can walk through the corridor to the front of the stage.

For most part of the show, Kanye was wearing a mask to make him look mysterious. Not until later, when he met a Jesus figure, that he took off his mask and greet the crowd. Kanye took 30 minutes of his time to go on a rant and talk about various topics in life. He wanted to inspire the crowd and address the misunderstandings the media made about him. He even swear using autotune which was quite a first for me to hear.

And the best to end the concert? Well, Kanye decided to sang the home grown rapper, Drake’s hit single, “Forever“. And to top it off, first time in the Yeezus Tour that a special guest was invited to perform in Kanye’s show. And guess who? It’s Toronto very own rapper, Drake! The moment Drake came out and sang a few songs, that was the highlight of the night. Being able to see the collaboration singing performance by Kanye and Drake was icing on the cake!

It was a great show indeed. One of the best I seen in years! Kanye had tons of hit singles and the amount of money being spent to setup the stage, the visual, audio and fireworks just made the show so much better. Alot of other artists would just set up a simple stage and that’s it, but Kanye is a perfectionist and he wanted to give his best efforts to make this show to the next level. And I am sure he had achieved that in his Yeezus Tour. Love him or hate him, one thing is for certain, Kanye West has talent & he is passionate about everything he does.

See you next time Mr. West! Your killed it! Your show was DOPE!

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VIDEO CLIP: Kanye & Drake singing together

Disney On Ice: Princesses & Heroes


We got tickets to see the Disney On Ice: Princesses & Heroes (thanks to a contest that I entered via I personally enjoy watching figure skating events, especially during the Winter Olympics. But to watch cartoon characters skating on ice as a show with a story plot, now that was a first for me. I was looking forward to this event. The show was held at Rogers Centre. At first, I wasn’t sure how they were going to fill all the seats as I was still in baseball mentality, thinking a Blue Jays game could sit up to 50,000 people. As I arrived, I realized the Disney On Ice skating area and stage and audience seats only took about 1/3 of the stadium, so it was quite cozy and every seats had a great view to watch the Disney show.


There were quite a number of concession stands selling Disney merchandize and also Disney beverages in Disney characters mugs for the audience to buy as souvenirs. Honestly though, I did found the price of the Disney merchandize a bit steep. A spinning electronic lights were priced at $22. I thought if they can lower down the price a bit, I am sure the parents would be more willingly to make more purchases.

Our seats were great and we could see the entire skating rink clearly. In particular, I was amazed of the stage that was setup as well. It’s 3 floors high and the skaters could perform and stand at 3 different levels. I really like the skating ramp where the skaters can skate out to meet the audience.

As the show began, the music and the costumes and all the familiar characters brought everything to life. They surely brought back my childhood memories when the well-known songs were being played. I enjoyed the Little Mermaid song, “Under The Sea”. The characters came out one-by-one with mini story plots. It really showcased how many movies or characters that Walt Disney had produced over the years. I enjoyed my favourite characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The pumpkin car and the fire-breathing dragon scene were my favourite scenes. The dragon with the eyes lit up and its battle between the prince really brought the show to life, especially the fire and flames were all over the skating rink. The visual was impressive!

Disney on Ice have multiple themes and shows that they tour around the world. The Princesses and Heroes had been touring around the world for two years and this is the first time they have visited Canada. Although I have never watched the other Disney tours but I highly think that these types of Disney shows are great for a family outing. It surely brings the children to their edge of their seats and bringing smiles to their faces, especially during the joyful Christmas Holidays!

For more information about Disney On Ice, please click here.

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