VELD 2014 – Day 1 (EDM at Downsview Park)

As you know, MoVernie is always on the MOVE. This time, with his crew, covering one of the hottest events of the summer. After it’s successful inaugural event from last year, VELD is returning again this weekend, with an even stronger lineup of performers including the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Iggy Azalea, Zedd, Calvin Harris, just to name a few.

Rain dropped a bit during the early afternoon but it hold up for the rest of the evening. Crowd got bigger and bigger and having a great time in the open field at Downsview Park. That’s what I like about VELD, it created a “Tomorrow Land” type of feel to it because the big main stage was built from scratch and in the big open field. Baccardi Tent was awesome as well, providing a second stage for performers to enjoy the beach sand type of atmosphere.

Here are the photos that was taken yesterday. VELD Round 2, are you ready for more?

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Kardinal Offishall’s “Free the City” Party in Support of Free The Children Charity


Kardinal Offishall is a talented artist but he is also a passionate person who has a BIG heart. He is always active around the city, always being supportive and attend numerous events. In particular, he wants to give back to the communities, he wants to make a difference around the world.

Although December is relatively a quiet month for special events but there is always one event that everyone looks forward to and it’s Kardinal Offishall’s annual Christmas Birthday Bash. Kardinal always celebrate his birthday by turning it’s bash into a meaningful charitable event.

This year’s event was no different, “Free the City” was the theme for Kardinal’s 15th annual party. It was held at Muzik Nightclub with Nelly Furtado as a co-host in support of the Free the Children charity. Last year, Kardinal travelled to Kenya to visit the Free the Children projects. Kardinal was touched by the amount of great work done by the Free the Children organization and was greatly inspired by his travels there. So, Kardinal’s had decided to dedicate his 15th annual Birthday Bash to raise funds to send 10 inner city youth from Canada to volunteer and help the Free the Children communities in Summer 2014.

Tickets were sold to the public to raise the funds. Silent auction was also setup at the birthday bash to raise money. Most importantly, a Live auction, conducted by Kardinal himself on the stage raised a substantial amount of funds as the winning bidder get to have an exclusive dinner with Kardinal, Nelly Furtado and Marc Kieburger, co-founder of the Free the Children charity.

A lot of celebrities and artists came out in the freezing weather to bring their warm hearts, showing their support to Kardinal’s passion for charity. In attendance, I saw Nelly Furtado, Maestro Fresh Wes, Karl Wolf, Shawn Desman, Stacey McKenzie, Lyriq Bent,  Trish, Zolo, S. Davis, Patricia Jaggernauth, Chris Strikes,  the Toronto Argo cheerleaders and many many more.

It was definitely a great night for a good cause! Kardinal is always entertaining and always make the event so fun!

If you want to know more about Free the Children Organization, click here.

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Check out the photos below.

Kardinal Offishall & Karl Wolf singing some cool tunes, entertaining the crowd

Kardinal Offishall & Karl Wolf singing some cool tunes, entertaining the crowd

Nelly Furtado gave an inspirational speech to the crowd

Nelly Furtado gave an inspirational speech to the crowd

MoVernie meets the creator of Free the Children, Marc Kielburger

MoVernie meets the creator of Free the Children, Marc Kielburger

A special Kardinal mini message video played during the event

A special Kardinal mini message video played during the event

Kardy addressing the crowd, thanking their support

Kardy addressing the crowd, thanking their support

Muzik NightClub

Muzik NightClub

Muzik Night Club has beautiful decor & grande VIP booths

Muzik Night Club has beautiful decor & grande VIP booths

#VELD Day 1 – MoVenie Behind-the-Scenes

As you know, people attending VELD Music Festival will have a different experience than mine as they entered by general admission. But I am attending as Media for my show “MoVernie on the Move”. A lot of my followers often asked me questions on what’s it like to cover a cool event from the media perspective. You know, from the backstage experience or interviewing cool celebrities behind-the-scene.  I am lucky and grateful to get both side of the worlds (behind-the-scenes and partying with the crowd).

Let me share some of my media behind-the-scene experiences at VELD – Day 1 with you.


– we arrived at the venue, we used a different entrance as we went to the media centre booth to verify our attendance and pickup our lavender wristband (yup, you guys get a yellow or some other wristband)

– VELD Staff introduced themselves and guided us to a separate path to the backstage area

– along the path, we saw lots of RV Trailors parked behind the area, that’s where the staff and performers chilled and geting ready for their big show

– the media centre is perfectly located near the backstage of the performance and it is also close to the crowd, so it’s convenient for us to do our coverage

– VELD staff kindly informed us the happenings, the media guidelines, the time sheet of the various performances so our crew could decide whom we want to do our coverage and the meeting time and location if we do want to cover a specific performer.

– VELD staff informed us where we can take professional photography, where we can take video footage, which part of the venue are offlimits for taping, how long we can cover the sets. As media, we have to listen carefully so we abide to the guidelines. For me in particular, it’s important for me to develop a mutual and good relationship with the staff so we are on the same page. Bottomline, we all wanted to make this a successful event for everyone. Nobody wants to give a hard time to anyone.

– washroom areas were available for the media

– light snack, water and beverages were provided for the media as well

– Wi-Fi access, tables and sofas were available for the media crew to work and relax

– I got to introduce myself and mix and mingle with other media outlet that came as far as New York and Montreal.

– our crew went out to the media pit (located in front of the crowd) and right next to the main stage, close to the DJ, so we can take professional photos of the crowd and the DJ

– our crew then went into the crowd, interviewed the show goers, so I can ask them “who their favourite DJs are and what they like about VELD, etc”, so it can be used for my “MoVernie on the Move” show!

– I bumped into MuchMusic VJ, Scott, great guy, we chatted a bit!

– Some of the performers will come by and say hello to the media!

So far so good. I would like to thank the VELD PR and Staff for their organized arrangements and the assistance they provided to make our coverage a lot easier.

View from the Media Centre near the BackStage

View from the Media Centre near the BackStageView from the Media Pit facing the large crowd


#VELD Day 1 – The Happenings

Despite its second year running the VELD Music Festival, this was my first time attending this special event, so I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, great weather, great vibe, great sound! From the moment I parked my car and walked from a few blocks from the main venue (Downsview Park), I didn’t complain the long walk because there were lots of beautiful people dressing up in catchy colour outfits that kept my eyes busy, LOL, Ladies wore sexy clothes, guys wearing tees with interesting wording in them. Interesting hair accessories or peeps with unique costumes. I spotted quite a number of horse heads, tiger heads, zebra heads, it’s quite a scene. LOL

The afternoon scene and the evening scene provided 2 different experiences and I recommend peeps to show up early to get both experiences. In the afternoon, looking at the sunny blue sky with the amazing DJs dishing out sick beats, I felt very relax and chilling as I hang out on the lawn or the tent.

In the evening, the weather is a bit chilly, it’s actually quite nice as you were cramped with 50,000+ crowds, you just don’t feel cold but feel the heat! The visual effects and the sound system pumped by the performers simply raised the bar level for everyone. Everyone feels great! I love the feeling.

The venue covered quite a big piece of land. There were vendors selling pizza, chicken tenders and pulled-pork sandwich, there were food available for sale for sure. Be sure to check out the 2 main performing stages, the Bacardi Tent and the main stage, both are great crowd and performances. Also check out the VIP area. If you need assistance, be sure to check with the paramedics who are on hand to assist you.

ONE location you have to know and I urge you to get familiar with it before you party hard. Make sure you know where are the portable washroom stalls are located, it is very very important. Lastly, drink responsibly, you can party, but you want to party smart and get home safe, so you can party rock at more cool parties like VELD.

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Above & Beyond Performance

Above & Beyond Performance

VELD 2013

VELD 2013

Amazing Crowd at VELD

Amazing Crowd at VELD