Kia Gear Up: Day 2 – Go Kart Fun at Castelloli Circuit

Kia Gear Up Go Kart

After sitting in the classroom for a Kia Gear Up Safety Seminar, the staff informed us that we will be having some warm-up driving fun at the Go-Kart Track that was located beside the Castelloli Circuit. I think the safety seminar was very useful as it allowed everyone to remember the importance of being safe on any race track when operating any vehicles. At the same time, visually, we got to familiarize each race track courses, so kudos to the Kia Motors Team for their preparation and putting safety first for everyone!

Then, we hopped on the coach bus. It was a short 7 minute ride to the Go Kart race track. Then, we took a short walk. It was a relaxing walk on a sunny morning with cool breeze. My favourite part of the walk was walking up and down the rolling hills and moving through a mini tunnel, you could hear the echo from our group of people.

Kia Gear Up Go Kart

Then, we had arrived at the Go Kart track. We were greeted by the staff and they informed us to grab a helmet for our safety on the race track. They also told us the proper way to choose the right helmet size for our head and how to properly tie it up. It’s important that our helmet were not loose or moving alot. Since I have a big head, I opted for a large size helmet. LOL

Kia Gear Up Go Kart

Then, the Kia Gear Up Global Ambassadors were asked to grab a Go Kart and sat in them. I chose my ride, which had a #8 on it. Since one of my favourite Raptors of all-time Jose Calderon is from Spain, I decided to choose #8 as my ride. Very thoughtful eh?

Kia Gear Up Go Kart

The staff told us to put safety first and get a feel of the track and be considerate of other people. But after a few laps, we could let loose and experience the speed on the track. The moment when the staff turned on the engine of my ride, off I went to the open track. I was super stoked because the last time I drove on a Go Kart was 10 years ago! Vroom! Vroom!

I could feel my adrenaline pumping through my veins as this Go Kart had a very powerful engine. Love the vibration the ride produced as I whipped through the track. The sound of the engine and the acceleration was exhilarating. Never underestimate the speed of these little Go Karts because it had no body frames and was in open air, it actually felt quicker than you were sitting in a car at higher speeds. It was definitely super fun driving around the track for at least an hour. I got to admit though, being a professional driver isn’t an easy task, it’s definitely a physical sports although many people debated and said it’s not. Let me tell you, your brain is processing at all times, analyzing at all times on the track in such high-speed, there isn’t much time to process, so your brain have to act quickly. Furthermore, you have to be physically ready to be able to drive in a long periods of time with high endurance. Professional racing is definitely a physical sports in my opinion.

Kia Gear Up Go Kart

After the Go Kart fun experience, I was soaking wet, it was hot out there and when you were wearing a helmet, sweat came out, but that’s ok, it was definitely a fun exercise before we get into real vehicles later in the day at the Castelloli Circuit. We hopped back to the coach bus and headed back to the training facility to grab some lunch before we go through our next exercise. Make sure you check out my next MoVernie BLOG as Kia Motors hired a personal chef and food truck to make delicious Spanish food on the spot for us at the track. Kia Motors surely took care of our tummy with amazing tasty food. Stay tuned!

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Kia Gear Up Go Kart

Kia Gear Up Go Kart

Kia Gear Up Kia Gear Up Kia Gear Up Kia Gear Up Kia Gear Up



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