WMCFW15 – Narces (World MasterCard Fashion Week)

Narces Fashion

The second runway show at the World Mastercard Fashion Week (WMCFW) for the evening for the MoVernie on the MOVE to attend was Narces. Narces is designed by talented Nikki Wirthensohn. It is a womenswear line that specializes in after-five, evening and wedding wear. I am a big fan of her fashion and I recalled one of my favourite moments covering the fashion week was a few years back, at the backstage, her daughter was standing an the backdrop. A photographer told her daughter to pose and she did. I also recalled Nikki was hugging her daughter afterwards. To me, that was a precious moment and I always remembered that.

This year, Narces delivered yet again with beautiful collections of womenswear. In particular, I really like the last finale piece when the model was wearing this very delicate, detail-oriented, pure wedding dress. I think it was the highlight of the night for me. As Nikki walked out with the model wearing that dress to thank the crowd, it was purely special! You can see this dress for yourself at the photos I am providing below.

Special thank you to Karyzma Agency for the special invite.

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And MoVernie is outta here!

Narces Website here.
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Narces Fashion

Narces Fashion

Narces Fashion

Narces Fashion

Narces Fashion




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