Timbit Poutine – MoVernie Tweet on BuzzFeed

So….a number of my peeps told me that one of my tweets made it to the BuzzFeed, which as you know, BuzzFeed is a huge source for content and interesting entertainment stories. That tweet of mine that made it to stardom was my tweet about the Timbit Poutine that created lots of buzz at the CNE this year.


CNE, also known as The Ex, have quite a long list of wacky food items annually by the vendors who try to woo the people to try them during their visits to the CNE. I got to say, I love the creative attempts by many of these vendors. However, some of the food items just doesn’t taste right. But for some food items, which may sound weird, but the ingredients actually works well.

Anyhow, MoVernie is honoured that one of his tweets made it to the big shot in BuzzFeed.com. The tweet was used as a backbone to build around the story of how BuzzFeed created its own version of Timbit Poutine, which actually sounds and look better than the original Timbit Poutine. I think you should it a try by clicking this link.

MoVernie VIDEO: Timbit Poutine & other Wacky Food

In addition to the Timbit Poutine photo that I took, I also made a Mini-MoVernie video of the food that we ate, so check it out here on MoVernie vs Food Video.

Thanks again to BuzzFeed for the kind feature!

Follow me on Instagram (@RealMoVernie) and Twitter (@MoVernie) for more awesome pictures and videos on my experience at CNE 2015.

And MoVernie is outta here!



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