First Latina Miss Universe Canada – Special Ceremony at City Hall (Council Chambers)

The winner of this year’s Miss Universe Canada is Paola Nunez, she also made history as she became the first latina to be crowned as Miss Universe Canada. This historic win by Paola is truly very special that various latino communities wanted to recognize Paola’s achievement.  A number of councillors, Miss Universe Canada President & staff, along with Miss Universe Canada sponsors such as Winmar Toronto and Tourism of Mexico representatives were on hand to witness this special ceremony that was held at the Councils Chamber located inside Toronto City Hall.

MoVernie Crew got Exclusive VIP to cover this special event! Thank you to Miss Universe Canada and Winmar Toronto for the kind invitation to the MoVernie Crew!

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Congratulations to 2015 Miss Universe Canada, Paola Nunez!



Group photo at the Council Chambers



Winmar Toronto representatives (Left: Mark & Right: Byron), proud sponsor of Miss Universe Canada were on hand for this special ceremony.




Paola receives a trip to Mexico, courtesy by Tourism of Mexico, another proud sponsor of Miss Universe Canada.




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