Kia Gear Up Event in Barcelona, Spain – MoVernie on the MOVE (Getting Ready)

Kia Brand Ambassador

This coming week, MoVernie will be on the MOVE going international once again to Barcelona, Spain. The reason? I am flying to Spain as Kia Canada Brand Ambassador to meet other Kia Global Ambassadors to test drive some vehicles on a race track course.

Kia Motors Headquarter from Korea is organizing this global event. It’s a great honour that I was the chosen one to represent Canada to attend this Exclusive Special VIP Event.

Want to know where I am staying in Barcelona? What vehicles and fun activities I am going to drive and attend?

Follow me on Instagram (@RealMoVernie) and Twitter (@MoVernie) with hashtag #GearUp to find out more.

I am super excited! I heard great things about Barcelona from my friends and I look forward to check out this beautiful city. Special shoutout to Kia Canada and Kia Motors for having me!

I just checked the weather for Barcelona, it’s going to be nice and warm. So, I am packing mostly short pants and tees. Oh yes, sandals as well 🙂


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