Japan: New Godzilla 2014 “Too Fat”

by Shaf

Words on the street that the new Godzilla coming out is “Too fat for it’s role.”

Two words mister…Stair Master

Hollywood was never kind to out of shape lead roles. The same would go with an apocalyptic monster of destruction…a few pieces of chub sticking out and BAM it’s over.

Many on Japanese forums have even linked it to the likeness of NFL Football players. “He’s pudgy and cute.”

Godzilla laying smackdown on such comments:

But I don’t know…is Godzilla made to look like the image of a pudgy American?

What say you Canada?

Has Hollywood gone too far Or is it just right?

Here’s an older version of Godzilla:


And here’s the 2014 version of Godzilla:

Clearly 13% more body fat

Clearly 13% more body fat

Do you see it?

I see it.

I say Whatever.

Leave the beast in peace.

Come May 16th, that’s when we can judge the movie in it’s full glory.

Till that time let’s enjoy an extended video trailer of the movie:

Brooklyn Nets At Barclays Centre – What Raptors Fans Need To Know

As all the Raptors fans and my followers know that I am a die-hard Raptors fan. I will travel everywhere around the world to wear my Raptors gear and give it the exposure that the Raptors deserve. Two months ago, I was in New York for the New York Fashion Week, so I had decided to catch a game at the newly built Barclays Centre. It was a Sunday evening game, Brooklyn Nets vs New Orleans Pelicans.

From the outside, the Barclays Centre has a rustic feel to it with its materials and the shape of a boat. It has the state-of-the-art TV screens that run along the entrance of the building. The moment you enter the entrance, there is a huge lobby, you feel like you are waiting to enter the main stage to watch a symphony or opera. There is also an indoor basketball court that allows the kids to play during half-time. Toronto has the 416 Drake Zone DJ section, but the DJ at Barclays Centre has it’s own super big section, all to himself and the booth lit up brightly. If you need a haircut at the Nets game, they have a barber shop.  Make sure you check out Jay-Z Rocawear Store. The Nets staff are very friendly and courteous during my visit despite knowing I am a Raptors fan.

Here is a tip to you. A lot of Nets fans take the subway which will become chaotic after the game, if you don’t live very far, a taxi ride is actually very economical. There aren’t much to do around the area, there is a Dollar Store, which is one of the sponsors for the Nets and a shopping mall, that’s about it.

As you know me, I love to share my experiences, photos and videos with the Raptors fans. I hope these photos allow you to visualize what the Barclays Centre is like. We often only get to see the Nets centre court and that’s about it. So, I want to show you the big picture.

Check out the photos that I took two months ago when I was at the Brooklyn Nets vs New Orleans Pelicans Game at Barclays Centre.

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Let’s go Raptors!



Barber Shop!


MoKenny & MoVernie at the Barclays Centre wearing Raptors gear


Big DJ Booth inside the Barclays Centre, with the booth light up brightly.



Indoor basketball court where young fans can go inside and play some hoops during half time.


Raptors Playoff Game #2 – Reasons Why They Won The Game

It was a great victory for the Toronto Raptors and a monkey off all star DeMar DeRozan’s back for Playoff Game #2. I was at the game and let me tell you, ACC was electrifying once again!

Here are the points that I think were the reasons that led to a Raptors Playoff Victory:

1) Raptors players were more calm and fought off the nerves to start the game, which was completely different from playoff game #1 where they were clearly nervous.

2) Raptors were playing their game of basketball, instead of playing into the Nets’ style of game that was evident in game 1. Raptors were moving their feet, providing more pick and rolls, more ball movement and more dynamic on the floor instead of just standing around.

3) Terrence Ross didn’t foul out early, so he can guard Joe Johnson or Deron Williams.

4) Coach Casey made the right move by using Landry Fields as his go-to bench guy instead of the aging John Salmons who clearly wasn’t the answer to guard Joe Johnson or Deron Williams. Landry played great defense and grabbed some key rebounds.

5) DeMar DeRozan’s 30 points performance was a great monkey off his back. He clearly made adjustments. This time, he knew he will be double or triple team. He mixed up his game, driving to the paint and draw fouls as well have taking some more simplistic jumpers.

6) Amir Johnson came back with a strong game both offensively and defensively.

Let me know what you think of the game and who surprised you the most at this game.

Check out the photos that I took during Raptors Playoff Game #2 below.


Raptors Fans Connected – Buddies For Life! – Raptors Playoff Game #2

Raptors Playoff Game #2 ended with a Raptors victory! Again, the inside and outside of the ACC was again electrifying. Raptorsfans were cheering and provided the home court presence that Raptors GM Masai Ujiri had requested at the beginning of the season to provide a “Living Hell” environment for the opponents to play in.

Yesterday also marked a buddy outing between SammyT and I. We met at an Unionville Street, interviewing him and he did a Raptors themed rap song a few years back. Ever since, MoVernie on the MOVE took off!  I promised him that I will bring him to a Raptors Playoff Game! It took 6 years before Toronto made it in the playoffs. But good things are worth the wait. Yesterday, I finally delivered and Raptors won a playoff game at home!

SammyT, by far, had the “Best Raptors Outfit” hands down at the game (see photo below)!

Go Raptors!

Raptorfans Connected!

Check out the photos that I took at the Raptors Playoff Game #2 inside the ACC.


Suits Season in Production in the Toronto Financial District

During my lunch time, I decided to walk outside to get some warm fresh air in the downtown core, especially we been getting freezing cold weather for so long in Toronto. As I walked in the financial district, I saw a bunch of yellow New York cabs and I was like “New York cabs”? That’s odd and that’s a signal that Suits must be filming soon.

After a quick bite, I went outside again and there were the TV crew and the extras on stand-by, getting ready for the next scene. They were indeed filming the Suits Season 4. Best yet, I saw Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle). I had seen Mike Ross in the past few years during Suits filming here in Toronto. In fact, I took a photo with him and Mike Ross is a friendly and down-to-earth guy.

But the spotlight this time around is Rachel Zane because she hardly have any scene outside. Most of her scenes are inside the law office as the setting. So, seeing Rachel is precious and rare moment.

Below are the photos that I took during Suits Season 4 Filming from yesterday. (More Videos to follow)

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Raptors Set Franchise Record With Most Home Wins in a Season

Yesterday, I was grateful to witness history as the Toronto Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks by a score of 110-100 to have a franchise record of 48 wins and counting (since Raptors have one more game to go against the Knicks in New York on Wednesday).

Nobody would expect this Toronto squad to do so well beginning of the season and what a turn-around after the Rudy Gay block buster trade. Life is good as a Raptorfan right now. We are in the playoffs baby!

Last night, we also got to see the newly minted 2013-2014 Atlantic Division Banner hanging high above at the Air Canada Centre, joining our 1995 inaugural banner and the 2006-2007 Atlantic Division Banner. It’s about time we got another item to our currently bare Raptors collection.

I was very fortunate that one of sponsors gave me last minute tickets to be sitting in those awesome seats. We were sitting 2 rows near the centre court, just behind the media and in-game announcer section. We felt like we were in the action. The speed of the game was quicker, the size of the NBA players were bigger. It was an awesome view and unbelievable experience. My best seats were still the courtside seats a few years back when I saw Tim Duncan inbounding the ball right in front of us, but these seats were awesome as it was a memorable night to be remembered! I cherished every moment!

Go Raptors Go! See you in the playoffs!

See below for some action shots that I took at our seats at the game last night!


Toronto Raptors clinched it’s second Atlantic Division title in its 19th years of franchise existence

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors for clinching their 2nd Atlantic Division Championship Title. Although I am not quite happy that we lost tonight’s game, falling to 4th spot, a possible lost of home court advantage and facing the Brooklyn Nets, I am glad at least we made the playoffs this year.

Here is a video that I took back in 2007 when Chris Bosh thank the Raptorsfans for their support & the 1st Atlantic Division Rafter was raised. 7 years of flashback here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGQ59agRixM

Raptors DeMar DeRozan Autograph Session at Future Shop

Raptors All-Star DeMar DeRozan loves Toronto alot. He always find time to meet and greet his fans despite the heavy loaded NBA schedule. Two months ago, he launched a book reading program, donating 3,000 books that were distributed to students from low income areas in and around Toronto as part of the Demar DeRozan All-Star Book Program.

Yesteray, DeMar and his sponsors, Klipsch (famous for headphones) were on hand at the Future Shop, Dundas Square location, met and greeted his fans. Some of them actually started lining up in the cold since 6 am in the morning. They couldn’t get a wristband ahead of time and walk around, they had to stay at the line until the autograph session at 4:30pm. That’s respect to those guys! They waited and got excited. Although they got their items autographed, they were a bit disappointed that the organizer couldn’t allow them to pose a photo with DeMar. Nevertheless, they told me it was still worth their time to see All-Star DeMar especially the Raptors are heading into the playoffs. Check out the photo I took of these guys, they deserve a shoutout from me for their dedication of staying outside in the cold for such a long periods of time.

One thing I noticed about DeMar is how much he loves his family. Everywhere and every time there is a public event, he will always bring along his wife, Kiara and his daughter. It’s always nice to see a family man in DeMar!

Below are some photos of the DeMar DeRozan Autograph Signing.

And MoVernie is outta here!

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These guys lined up at 6 am and waited til 4:30 pm just to meet DeMar! Die-hard Raptorsfans that deserve my shoutout!