Madonna’s Grand Opening of Her “Hard Candy” Studio in Toronto

Iconic Pop Star, Madonna has decided to open it’s 8th “Hard Candy” Studio in Toronto. She has opened up her fitness franchise in places such as Berlin (Germany), Rome (Italy) & Moscow (Russia) and other places not including the United States. It’s quite interesting of her choice of locations, not the United States, but Toronto, why? Apparently, Toronto is Madonna’s top choice as she feels a strong affinity and being loved by the fans whenever she comes to Toronto for her world tour. Continue reading

Interview with Mazda Canada President Kory Koreeda on the Car of the Year Award

On February 13 morning at the Canadian International Auto Show Media Press Day, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) announced Mazda6 as the Car of the Year for 2014. Mazda Canada President, Kory Koreeda received the award and made a thank you speech to the crowd.

As AJAC‘s webpage stated “The Car of the Year award’s primary purpose is to provide consumers with sound, objective, comparative data on which to base their new vehicle buying decisions.” This award is well-respected in the industry and it’s an important recognition that helps promote the car by the company with this award.

After the award ceremony, I got a chance to interview Kory Koreeda about the importance of receiving this award as a whole for the his Mazda company. Continue reading