Raptors vs Knicks – Pre-season (Double OT Raptors Victory)

Thanks to my amazing sponsor, I scored a pair of Raptors vs Knicks pre-season tickets that the awesome seats were located very close to the player’s tunnel & behind the player’s bench. The seats were great, I could see the game from a very upclose experience. I have always enjoyed seeing players jogging out of the player’s tunnel.

I also got to see GM Masai Urijri who leans against the rail to analyze & observing the team play just a few rows from our seats. Most often, I saw the player’s tunnel on TV. This time, I also got to walk in the player’s tunnel during the game, that was icing on the cake experience.

Better yet, the Raptors battled back and won the game with a double-overtime victory against former #1 Raptors draft pick, Andrea Bargnani & the New York Knicks!

Let’s go Raptors!

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