UFC165 Toronto Media Day

UFC165 fight night happens this Saturday, there are all the nice festivities already happened. This morning, media were given the chance to workout with the UFC Pros Trainers with some of the fitness program that fighters may used in their training program. My crew member was there to check out the program, while I am working hard at work to get some projects done.

My crew told me they served lunch for the media as well. Let me tell you, UFC sure knows how to treat the media people with respect and treating them nicely. At the end of the day, it’s a mutual working relationship.

At 1pm, the moment I walked right in the big board room, stations were set up for the media to take photos and to interview the fighters. Fighters were sitting on the comfy chairs that were on raised stage platforms around the room. I got to interview the Heavyweight class, Brendan Schaub, whose name is called “The Hybrid”. He has a UFC record of 5-3. He is having his fighting match against his good friend, Matt Mitrione, who has a UFC record of 6-2.

I also got a chance to interview Bantamweight class, Eddie Wineland, who has a UFC record of 2-2. He will battle it out against the defending class champion, Renan Barao, who has a UFC record of 5-0 (undefeated).

Last but not least, the main UFC feature attraction, Jon Jones vs Alex Gustafsson. I got to interview the Light Heavyweight class, Alex Gustafsson, who has a UFC record of 7-1. This Saturday will sure be a buzzing city in Toronto. Who are you rooting for?

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