Dirty Radio – The Ex (CNE 2013)

Yesterday, we went to the Ex to cover the Dragonette and Dirty Radio at the Bandshell stage. Opening for Dragonette was Indie-Electro-RNB band called Dirty Radio, from Vancouver, BC that was formed in 2010.

The band consists of members Farshad Edalat (lead vocalist, supporting percussion and song writer), Anthony Dolhai (keyboardist, midi controller and song writer), and Zachary Forbes (drummer and song writer). The band have released two full length studio albums. This coming fall, Dirty Radio will release their three part EP series titled Lick.


Dirty Radio sure knows how to create their stage presence, they hyped up the crowd, the crowd were insane in the membrane, enjoying every bits of their tracks and audio waves. I was impressed how versatile their tracks were, from electro-pop, punk-rock, rap and even raggae. I felt like I was switching gears and travelling around the world when I heard their different flavours of music, especially with their talent of using various instruments.

After the show, I got a chance to interview this awesome group. Here is a photo of me posing with the group. Stay tuned for my MoVernie on the MOVE interview with this up-and-rising group!

MoVernie interviewed with Dirty Radio

MoVernie interviewed with Dirty Radio

And MoVernie is outta here!



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