My crew and I attended the CraveTO event this past Saturday. What is CraveTO you asked? Well, CraveTO is an event with pops-up at the Toronto’s Historic Honest Ed’s Alley. With a purchase of a generous admission, people get to listen to “live” DJ music,  try various unique food items available around the Honest Ed’s Alley. Craft beer from various local breweries were on hand to showcase their own brewery taste. All food items were $5 or less and also $5 for each pint of fresh, ice-cold beer. I am a beer lover, so it was great for me to try the various local beer breweries that were on hand.

CraveTO had two sessions (day session and night session). I enjoyed my day session, especially with nice warm and sunny weather. Honestly, I had always heard great things about Honest Ed, how he gave out free turkey to the families in need during ThanksGiving Day. Also, the Honest Ed store is an important landmark and important history in the Toronto communities. Rumour has it that this historical landmark is now put for-sale for a potential make-over of this part of the community. Thus, events such as the 2nd edition of CraveTO may very well be the final chance for the community to come together and celebrate this cultural landmark before Honest Ed’s closes for good.

At the far back of the Honest Ed’s Alley, I saw two food trucks. They were the Buster’s Sea Cove that sells great seafood items such as lobster roll and fish tacos. If your taste buds want something sweet, there was a “Pretty Sweet” cupcake truck. There was Car2Go exhibit on hand to showcase the people how to rent a car and drive around the city in just a few minutes of your time to register and to book a vehicle.

Other food vendors that comes from various cultures were on hand as well. There were Ese (Classic Mexican); Kanto (Philippine street food); Gushi (Japanese street food); Pancho’s (Mexican bakery); Hot Bunzz (Internationally flavoured Chinese style brioche buns); Terra Nera (Sicilian experiences) and Ice Volcano (Liquid nitrogen ice cream creations).

To complement these awesome food items, Craft local beer breweries were on hand. As you know, I love ice cold beer and I am a HUGE supporter of local breweries. So, I got super excited when I got to try all of them. At CraveTO, there were HogtownLeft FieldKensington and Nickel Brook. For people such as my cameraman, he isn’t a beer drinker. Not to worry, Tromba was here to provide him with great Tequila experiences. So, he was quite happy!

All in all, it was a great day to attend CraveTO. It was a nice warm sunny afternoon. It was a great way to try unique food items that weren’t available in many other places around the city. We got to try various local breweries + Tequila experiences. Last but not least, after we were full, we went to explore Honest Ed to burn off some calories but also to walk through this historical store, just to feel some of the vibe this store has provide for many customers and its impact surrounding its communities.

See you at the next outing CraveTO. If you want more information, you can click here to visit CraveTO website. Follow them on twitter @CraveTO.

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MoVernie posing outside Honest Ed's Store

MoVernie posing outside Honest Ed’s Store

Honest Ed's Alley

Honest Ed’s Alley

Honest Ed Alley

Ice Volcano Ice Cream - Coffee Flavour

Ice Volcano Ice Cream – Coffee Flavour


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