#VELD Day 1 – The Happenings

Despite its second year running the VELD Music Festival, this was my first time attending this special event, so I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, great weather, great vibe, great sound! From the moment I parked my car and walked from a few blocks from the main venue (Downsview Park), I didn’t complain the long walk because there were lots of beautiful people dressing up in catchy colour outfits that kept my eyes busy, LOL, Ladies wore sexy clothes, guys wearing tees with interesting wording in them. Interesting hair accessories or peeps with unique costumes. I spotted quite a number of horse heads, tiger heads, zebra heads, it’s quite a scene. LOL

The afternoon scene and the evening scene provided 2 different experiences and I recommend peeps to show up early to get both experiences. In the afternoon, looking at the sunny blue sky with the amazing DJs dishing out sick beats, I felt very relax and chilling as I hang out on the lawn or the tent.

In the evening, the weather is a bit chilly, it’s actually quite nice as you were cramped with 50,000+ crowds, you just don’t feel cold but feel the heat! The visual effects and the sound system pumped by the performers simply raised the bar level for everyone. Everyone feels great! I love the feeling.

The venue covered quite a big piece of land. There were vendors selling pizza, chicken tenders and pulled-pork sandwich, there were food available for sale for sure. Be sure to check out the 2 main performing stages, the Bacardi Tent and the main stage, both are great crowd and performances. Also check out the VIP area. If you need assistance, be sure to check with the paramedics who are on hand to assist you.

ONE location you have to know and I urge you to get familiar with it before you party hard. Make sure you know where are the portable washroom stalls are located, it is very very important. Lastly, drink responsibly, you can party, but you want to party smart and get home safe, so you can party rock at more cool parties like VELD.

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Above & Beyond Performance

Above & Beyond Performance

VELD 2013

VELD 2013

Amazing Crowd at VELD

Amazing Crowd at VELD


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